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Top Tips for Successful Project Management

Whether you are highly experienced or a complete project management novice, it is always worth taking a step back and considering how you approach such an important role. Read on for our top tips to successful project management which you can apply to any new project you might take on, whatever its scope and scale.

  • Make a plan

A key element to any successful project management is good planning. You will need to look at the key deliverables of the project and come up with an effective plan in which to achieve these within a specified time frame. It is a good idea to create a calendar of key dates first and ensure that you and your team are clear about expectations at each particular stage.

  • Communicate well

You must communicate well with other team members in order to execute an effective project. Rather than constantly checking in with your team on an ad-hoc basis, set up catch-up meetings at a frequency that suits the project goals – that way everyone will have update information already prepared, making the process far more efficient. Make sure that team members know when they need to report any problems or sticking points, though – you want to be sure that project timelines aren’t being held up because staff feel they can’t bring up any issues as they arise.

  • Anticipate risk factors

You must perform a thorough analysis of any risk factors that could potentially befall your project before you begin working on it. Make sure they are well defined and documented and then share them with your team so that everyone is aware of possible stumbling blocks. You should also ensure that you have an effective system in place for dealing with any issues as part of the initial project-planning phase.

  • Be a leader

Make sure your project team know that you are taking charge, and then provide support accordingly. Be approachable and helpful, so your team know that if they need advice or run into any issues then they can ask for assistance, but also know how to back off and let your team do the work you have assigned to them. Don’t try to micromanage and trust in the skills of your staff – your job is to lead the project as a whole and ensure that every member of staff is doing their job effectively.

  • Analyse and evaluate

You should carefully define the points in the project at which you are planning to conduct analysis and address any potential issues. This should not just be done on completion of a project but at all pertinent points throughout the project cycle. The decision on the points at which a project will need to be analysed and evaluated should be carefully considered and planned depending on the scale and particular needs of each project.

  • Use a car service

Managing complex projects efficiently and effectively can sap all of your time and energy, so when it comes to business travel you want the most hassle-free experience possible. Our Westchester car service does just that, with professional, experienced chauffeurs you can rely on to get you to where you need to be in a timely, stress-free manner, allowing you to maintain your focus on what really matters – your project.


Posted on Dec 5th 2017

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