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How to Attract the Right Talent for Your Job Vacancy (Without Breaking the Bank)

So you need to advertise a new job vacancy, but you can’t afford to throw too much cash into promoting it across a million different job sites. You know that it needs to be seen by the best candidates, but how do you make sure this happens with limited financial means? Luckily there are some clever ways to go about this without busting your budget, so read on for our inside scoop.

  • Post your job on free sites

Try posting your job vacancy on sites such as Glassdoor, Monster, or Indeed. These sites have a high volume of traffic so your job posting will be seen by a high number of quality candidates in a short time. Most of these sites do offer extra visibility for your job vacancy if you are willing to pay a small fee to boost it in search rankings, but many employers are more than happy with the response rate from free postings alone.

  • Utilize LinkedIn

You can easily post job vacancies on LinkedIn to ensure they enjoy excellent visibility amongst the right candidates. The flexible pricing system offered allows you to set your budget each day and you will only pay based on the number of views you receive – an excellent way to ensure you are getting maximum value for money on your job advertisement.

  • Network with organizations and institutions

If you have existing contacts within organizations or institutions that are related to the job vacancy you currently have available, then use these contacts to find out if there are any suitable candidates looking for a new position. If not, approach relevant institutions, such as universities, and ask if there is a way to advertise your vacancy to recent graduates or those coming towards the end of their programs.

  • Use a referral program

If your company doesn’t already offer one, think about setting up a referral program that will encourage staff to distribute your job vacancy amongst their own contacts in return for a small bonus if their suggested candidate is hired. Staff already working in your industry are likely to have a network of friends and co-workers who have similar skills and interests that could be a great fit for the role.

  • Get social

Use your company’s Facebook page, Twitter, or LinkedIn to advertise your job vacancy. Post a link through to the listing on your own website and also think about getting on relevant industry groups or message boards to scout out potential talent. You won’t be able to advertise directly on these platforms, but you may well find out about a potential candidate looking for a new position who you could approach via other means.


Job vacancies can be difficult to fill, so when you are working hard to find the right candidate for your organization you don’t need any additional stress when it comes to your business transport. You can trust in our Westchester car service to cover all your requirements when work takes you away from the office – our professional chauffeurs and years of industry experience will ensure that your travel is smooth, safe, and hassle-free, allowing you to relax in luxurious comfort and concentrate on the things that really matter to your business.

Posted on Feb 20th 2018

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