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Arrive in style: secrets for business travelers

In an ever increasingly competitive world of business, every detail matters. Savvy customers not only expect the best, but they have also come to desire the exceptional. Whether you are traveling to seal that elusive deal, negotiate with vendors, or call on long-time clients, it is critical to present yourself and your company in the highest regard. No matter what your industry may be, adding elements of surprise and sophistication to your visit can mean the difference between success and failure.

The Big Apple is one of the most fast-paced cities on the planet, so conducting business here means an even higher level of attention to style and presentation is important. The first thing to consider is arranging your NYC ground transportation. Majestic Car and Limo is the perfect choice to provide your New York car service. Our luxurious, well-maintained fleet will show your clients or other meeting attendees that you mean real business and will highlight your company's class and success. Meanwhile, our courteous, professional chauffeurs will ensure that you make all of your meetings on time and in comfort, without the hassle of taxis or public transportation.

Nail down your dream account, negotiate the best bargain, or up-sell your most conservative clients by following these simple tips for arriving in style and sophistication for all of your meetings.

  1. FRESHEN UP. Your appearance should be impeccable when you walk through that door, and that doesn't mean darting off to the restroom to comb your hair while the receptionist calls your meeting. Find a coffee shop or other establishment close nearby and stop in to make sure hair, makeup, clothing, and shoes are in perfect condition before heading to your appointment. Carry an extra shirt in your briefcase in case of unfortunate sweating, and additional hosiery for women. If women are wearing nail polish, be certain to carry that as well; chipped nails send a bad signal.

  1. KNOW WHO YOU ARE MEETING AND HAVE A KILLER OPENER. If you are meeting someone for the first time, research as much about the person as possible. You should know where they went to college, what charities they support, and what teams they follow. While it is clearly inappropriate to reveal your research awkwardly by opening with "so I hear you like the Yankees," you can subtly tailor your opening line to the individual's personality. Is he conservative or forward-thinking? Is she socially-minded or more interested in personal advancement? Knowing your audience can help you make the target feel immediately at ease while making you seem more relatable, and ultimately can mean your business' success.

  1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND BE AN EXPERT. While you are traveling, take advantage of that time waiting on flights or holed up in hotel rooms to read voraciously. Catch up on industry news and world news that pertains to your job. While this should be part of your life every day, it is critical for business meetings. The easiest thing for strangers to talk about is current events.

Posted on Jul 11th 2017

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