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Discovering the rich tapestry of Hudson Valley's craft beer scene has never been more enjoyable and hassle-free. At Majestic Transportation, we're delighted to introduce you to our exceptional Hudson Valley Brewery Tours.

Since 2002, we have been the go-to luxury car service company for clients in Hudson Valley, NY, offering a seamless blend of courteous and prompt transportation. Whether you're a beer connoisseur planning brewery trips or seeking a unique outing with friends, our brew tours meet your needs.

Personalized Hudson Valley Brewery Tours

Our unwavering commitment to the finest details sets our Hudson Valley Beer Tours apart. We thrive on creating a bespoke experience, ensuring your brewery tour is perfectly personalized. Our friendly customer support team is ready to craft a tailored travel plan based on your preferences.

When embarking on our Hudson Valley limo service, you should focus on the delightful IPAs and craft brews, not the logistics or concerns about DUIs. Our well-mannered and highly trained chauffeurs ensure your group safely visits all the breweries on your list. Enjoy the ride in modern, amenity-packed vehicles that provide the utmost comfort, allowing you to fully indulge in tasting delicious brews and making cherished memories with your friends.

Explore Hudson Valley's Finest Brewing

Hudson Valley boasts a thriving craft beer scene, and our beer tour will introduce you to some of the best breweries in the area. Here are a few standout breweries worth exploring:

  • Suarez Family Brewery

Suarez Family Brewery is a notable feature on our Hudson Valley Brewery Tour. Renowned for its artisanal approach, the brewery crafts unique, small-batch beers that focus on subtlety and complexity, often incorporating local ingredients. Situated amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Hudson Valley, Suarez Family Brewery provides a welcoming atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy tastings and learn about the brewery's meticulous process from their experienced staff. Our Hudson Valley beer tours offer a memorable visit to Suarez Family Brewery, blending the art of craft brewing with the rich local culture.

  • The Drowned Lands - Warwick

The Drowned Lands isn't just about beer; it's a tribute to the land it calls home. Here, the age-old wisdom of the region's rich soil meets cutting-edge brewing techniques. This harmonious blend of tradition and innovation gives birth to some of the most unique and captivating beers in the Hudson Valley. To truly immerse yourself in the story behind the brews, take advantage of the opportunity to reserve a tour online. Discover how the landscape, history, and craftsmanship converge in every sip of their crafted beers.

  • Tin Barn Brewing - Chester

Tin Barn Brewing exemplifies the power of sustainability and the beauty of using locally sourced ingredients. Their unwavering commitment to 100% certified organic, locally grown hops sets them apart in the craft beer world. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, their beers preserve the natural essence of the ingredients, ensuring that each sip offers a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. When you visit Tin Barn Brewing, you're not just enjoying a beer; you're experiencing the very essence of the Hudson Valley.

  • Two Way Brewing Company

Two Way Brewing Company beckons with open arms for those seeking an authentic and artisanal beer experience. Focusing on crafting small batches of distinctive, flavorful beers, they pay homage to the time-honored brewing tradition. Using only the finest ingredients and adhering to traditional brewing methods, their craft ales offer a diverse palette of tastes. Each bottle is a labor of love, inviting you to savor the dedication and passion of the brewmasters in every sip.

  • Obercreek Brewing Company

At Obercreek Brewing Company, they've proudly earned the distinction of being the first certified organic brewery in New York. Their 10-barrel brewhouse showcases their dedication to quality and sustainability. With a diverse array of styles, including IPAs, Pilsners, and Stouts, each beer they produce captures the essence of the Hudson Valley. It's a place where innovation and nature merge, resulting in beers that are as environmentally conscious as they are delicious.

  • Blue Collar Brewery

Blue Collar Brewery isn't just a place to enjoy great beer; it's a home away from home for beer enthusiasts. This establishment creates a warm and unpretentious atmosphere with a rotating menu of seasonal and classic brews. Live music adds to the welcoming ambiance, making it the perfect spot to unwind and appreciate the craft of brewing with friends and fellow beer lovers.


Can we customize our brewery tour itinerary or choose specific breweries to visit?

Yes, brewery tour itineraries can be customized to fit your interests. You can usually choose which breweries to visit, making the tour a more personalized experience.

Are tasting fees or brewery admission included in the tour package?

It's important to note that tasting fees or brewery admission costs are generally not included in the tour package. These expenses are usually covered separately, allowing customers to choose which tastings or breweries they want.

What types of vehicles are available for brewery tours?

Our fleet is generally available for brewery tours to cater to different group sizes and comfort preferences. These can range from luxury sedans accommodating up to 3 passengers, SUVs with 4 to 6 people capacity, to larger vehicles like the Ford Transit or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that can seat up to 14 passengers. Limousines and party buses are also available for a more festive atmosphere and can accommodate around 12 passengers.

Are there any age restrictions or requirements for participating in the brewery tours?

According to general laws in the USA, participants in brewery tours must be at least 21 years old, which is the legal drinking age. It's essential to always have a valid ID on hand for age verification purpose during these tours.

Ready to Craft Your Beer Tour?

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