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Any Trumbull limo service has to be truly distinct from ordinary car rentals. The limousine is definitely the most important and also the obviously visible factor but the vehicle is not the only decisive or distinguishing element. Any limo service in Trumbull or Fairfield County has to be more than just a swanky vehicle. The hospitality matters, the skills of the chauffeurs and the customer service of the executives do make a huge difference, the present state of a limousine and the fare, the chosen route and the scope of the service will have a bearing on whether or not the experience is satiating. 



We at Majestic Transportation Services & Limo Inc. are specialists. Our chauffeurs are amazing drivers and they are also trained to uphold the highest standards of hospitality. More importantly, they have unmatched experience in driving limousines. Any chauffeur will tell you there is a world of difference between driving ordinary sedans and driving stretch limos. There are substantive technicalities involved. The same applies to the customer service policy of a limo service in Trumbull. The reservation is not as plain as scheduling the date and time, penning down the origin and destination, choosing a route and assigning a car with a chauffeur. There is room for personalization. There is a possibility of choosing a better limousine. Our concierge staff can help you deal with these finer realities, at times subtle and sometimes quite apparent. 


Our Trumbull limo service does not make any exception. We cater to all types of purposes and any kind of tour you have planned. It does not matter how many people you have in your entourage, for how many or few hours you need our limos and it could very well be for several days, which route you may prefer and the personalized arrangements you would like. Majestic Transportation Services & Limo Inc. with its deftest chauffeurs, experienced concierge executives and a fascinating fleet of state of the art limos will deliver. 


Give us a call as soon as you plan your itinerary so we can discuss the options and help you choose the most appropriate limousine. You can determine the nature of personalization you need or we can put forth our recommendations. We strongly advise timely reservations to avoid haste and to ensure certainty of a booking. The best tours warrant timely planning when it comes to sheer logistics and transportation. 


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