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Every trip requires impeccable planning. It could be a simple transfer to or from a nearby airport. It could be a sightseeing tour. You may need to plan your ground transportation in New Canaan for a wedding, stag or hen party, prom or perhaps a corporate event. Whether it is a red carpet social gala or a business retreat, a romantic wine tour or a group of friends ushering in the New Year, the trip needs to be planned well. No pivotal or quintessential element can be out of place. Anything amiss will risk the schedule, you may or may not be satiated with the drive, the choice of vehicle may be inapt or the whole plan may go counter to your expectations. These are very real possibilities, which is why you need our reliable New Canaan limo service.

We at Majestic Transportation Services & Limo, Inc. have the fleet, expertise and experience to offer you the most memorable ride ever. However, that will not become obvious till you are onboard one of our luxury limos and embark on the trip. What will become apparent right from the first moment you contact us is the diligent focus on the particulars of your trip. Even when two tours sound and feel similar, there can be substantial differences. There could be a difference in the preferred route, the choice of vehicle, the number of people in a group and the amenities that you would wish to have. These differences can become consequential in determining whether or not you are satisfied with any limo service in New Canaan

Our company has an in-house team that does the job of a concierge. They are not ordinary customer service executives or support staff who would simply reserve your car and pass on the details to our chauffeurs. Our concierge team will understand your requirements, prod for specific details so we can cater to your needs and accordingly plan a trip that will be completely tailored to your wishes. This personalization does not come at any additional cost to you. All our clients will be paying a reasonable fare based on the specifics of the trip, choice of vehicle and the duration of the whole tour. The personalization, the services rendered by our staff including the chauffeurs and everything else that we do to ensure impeccable planning are integral to how we operate. It is just a policy we have to facilitate the best and most luxurious trip you will ever embark upon. 



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