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Fairfield County is one of the major hubs of Majestic Transportation Services & Limo, Inc. While our presence spanning New York and Connecticut caters to every major and lesser known destination in the tri-state area and beyond, Fairfield has always been integral to our ever-expanding operations. For many years now, our limo service has been the most trusted in Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk and Danbury among others. 

For whatever purpose you may need to hire a luxury car or limo, our fleet would be the most appropriate inventory for you to browse. We have different types of limos and luxury cars. You may like a Lincoln or a Cadillac, a Chevy, a Ford or a Chevrolet. We have variants from each of these brands. Our experience has taught us that there is rarely any unanimity or even a consensus in preference for particular brands or models when it comes to luxury vehicles and especially limos. Some brands are always more popular than others but there is substantial endorsement for all major models. This is primarily why we have the different options, so everyone can find their preferred car for a trusted Fairfield limo service

Our Fairfield limo service is pragmatic and methodical. We do not believe in generalizing our service because it simply does not cater to specific needs of our clients. More than sixty thousand people who live in the town of Fairfield may not have the same objectives as those of the tourists exploring the county. Fairfield County is home to around a million residents and there would always be unique wishes for different types of events. Our holistically personalized limo service in Fairfield has the scope and the possibility of being truly unique. It is not going to be otherworldly. It is simply going to deliver everything you are looking for and then some more. 

Majestic limo service has emerged as the most trusted in Fairfield for some simple reasons. We have the most professional and knowledgeable executives working in our support team, we have excellent chauffeurs who are also great at hospitality, we have a fleet in impeccable condition and we always deliver on punctuality, reasonability, comfort and convenience, safety and luxury. We have unmatched expertise in limo service, from being completely familiar with routes to being capable of making every type of arrangement you would need for a special event. We do not make promises that we cannot deliver. 



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