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There is no reason why you should have to wait for a car or limo you have reserved well in advance. Nothing explains or can justify a limo in poor condition. There cannot be an iota of consideration to have a booking turned down at the eleventh hour or changes being recommended when you are just about to start your trip. These are uncertainties many people in and around Darien have to deal with at times when they reserve a car. All such possibilities that are beyond your control do not have any scope of materializing with our Darien limo service.

As a premium car rental company in Darien, it is our responsibility to have the car you have chosen along with a chauffeur on standby at the place you want and at the time you have reserved our service for. We at Majestic Transportation Services & Limo, Inc. take proactive care of all our vehicles, regardless of how frequently or rarely they are rented. Some vehicles are always in greater demand and some vehicles are only chosen for special occasions. This should never allow the overused vehicles to be in dire condition or the infrequently used fleet to be meted out with any less priority. We have a sizeable fleet and enough manpower to ensure you would have a chauffeur driven car if there is an instance when someone assigned to your tour initially cannot turn up for the day. 

We offer the most reliable limo service in Darien. There is nothing that you need to be anxious about. Once you have discussed your needs and expressed the kind of personalization you want, it is entirely our responsibility to deliver on every promise. As a resident or tourist in Darien, you should not have to look into any technical or nontechnical detail of how the reserved limo service pans out on the actual day and throughout the planned tour. From punctuality to reliability, safety and comfort to onboard luxury and hospitality, we take care of every integral and quintessential element of limo service that you would expect from a reputed brand like ours. 

Over the years, we have surprised our clients with our world class service, impeccable punctuality and immaculate comfort, unmatched luxury and ever reliable professionalism. Right from our in-house executives who would plan you tour with you to the chauffeurs who would deliver the service as promised; there is nothing that would leave you short of feeling satiated. 



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