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Majestic Transportation Services & Limo Inc.

There are four attributes that segregate our Tivoli limo service from the other car rental companies operating in Dutchess County. Our fleet is the most state of the art. While other companies do have some options, we have at least one limousine in every category. From compact limos to party buses, we can attend to diverse needs without breaking a sweat. The second attribute is our reasonable pricing. We do not have a policy of charging premium fares. We do not have surge pricing or any discretionary tariff that exploits specific needs in certain circumstances, many of which are indeed unavoidable for our clients. The combination of swanky limos and affordable tariff is a rarity in the industry. 

The third and fourth factors that differentiate our limo service in Tivoli are hospitality and reliability. Limousines are supposed to be luxurious. They are spacious and convenient. They assure comfort and safety. We tick all these checkboxes but there has to be a certain standard of hospitality for the entire experience to be satiating. Our hospitality has no equal. Right from the executives who would help you plan your tour and work on the specifics of the trip to the chauffeurs who would make the quintessential difference between an ordinary ride and extraordinary experience, we endeavor to ensure unmatched hospitality without exception.

Reliability is a combination of various factors. You would want a punctual limo service in Tivoli. You would not want surprises that would disrupt your schedule and you definitely do not wish to deal with inconveniences, either at the time of booking or during your actual tour. Our Tivoli limo service is known for its reliability. It is not just punctuality and the assurance that only the finest limos will be available for your ride. We recommend the most convenient routes, our chauffeurs take care of luggage, our executives help you maneuver changes in arrival and departure times of flights, temporary parking at airports or at specific venues and astutely deal with personalizing the entire tour. 

Give us a call today and speak with one of our concierge executives. Make reservations as soon as you can so we can secure a booking for you. An early reservation helps us to plan the schedule without any haste. Majestic Transportation Services & Limo Inc. assures you a luxurious, convenient, safe and satiating ride anywhere to and from or across Tivoli in Dutchess County. 


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