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Have you ever had to wait for a reserved car at an airport, at your home, office or preferred pickup point? Have you ever been disappointed at the condition of a car you had booked for your sightseeing tour or for a special occasion? These are common problems most people encounter with car rental services. You can bid adieu to all such unpredictability with our limo service in Rhinebeck. Say no to jostling for space inside a car, waiting for the car to pick you up when the time was scheduled beforehand, or the car was reserved well in advance and do not settle for poorly maintained hatchbacks or sedans. Our limo service in Rhinebeck will offer you a satiating ride, whenever you want, wherever you wish to go and whatever is the purpose or the occasion. 



Embrace Luxury with our Rhinebeck Limo Service 

Our Rhinebeck limo service is ideal for every occasion. Whether it is a wedding or reception, a music concert or sporting event, a corporate event or a business retreat, a sightseeing tour or an out of town party, our limos are the most luxurious ride you can choose among a plethora of options. We have a fleet of swanky limos and all of them are proactively maintained to ensure they are perennially in a pristine condition. All our limos are equipped with all essential amenities you would expect in a luxury vehicle. We can also personalize your ride based on your needs and the type of occasion it is. 


Enjoy Safe Rides in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County

We at Majestic Transportation Services & Limo, Inc. have well trained chauffeurs who have unmatched experience in the Tri-State area. They are living guides in Rhinebeck and Dutchess County with insights to execute any plan perfectly. Not every trip is about going from one point to another. Some trips are more extensive. There can be multiple pickups and multiple drop-offs. There can be several stopovers. The hospitality of our chauffeurs is second only to their skills at the wheel. All of them are trained and experienced in defensive driving. They can not only get you where you need to be swiftly but also ensure impeccable safety en route. 


Give us a Call for Personalized Limo Service 

We specialize in personalized limo service in Rhinebeck and beyond. Our in-house customer service team would take care of every minute detail at the time of reservation.


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