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Why Traveling for Business is Still a Good Idea

With technology allowing easy communication between clients and co-workers all across the world at the mere click of a button, you may be asking yourself if business travel is really all that necessary in 2018. It can certainly be a hefty business expense, and in the current economic climate, many companies are looking to cut back on such costly ventures as their margins become more and more squeezed. But there are a few good reasons why business travel can be seriously beneficial for your business.


  • Screen time is simply not the same

While it’s now possible to migrate that important annual meeting to a video conferencing platform, there is no real substitute for sitting around the table in real-time, face-to-face. Besides avoiding any potential technical glitches, you might be surprised to find that your team produces better ideas as these are allowed to bounce around the table more freely and naturally, or you may be able to get a better reaction from a difficult client if you are physically present. Human beings are social creatures and simply interact more effectively in a natural, face-to-face setting. Sure, video conferencing technology might be useful for that monthly team catch-up, but consider getting your team or clients together in one physical space for particularly important meetings.


  • Networking opportunities

One of the best ways to grow professionally or as a business is through networking, and this is extremely difficult in the online space. Social networking platforms such as LinkedIn exist to help professionals, but it is not a natural, organic way in which to meet new people and share ideas and it will take a lot more work to build up any meaningful professional relationship. Being physically present at an important meeting, event, or conference allows you to grow your professional circle much more effectively and could pay dividends for your business though the connections you make.


  • It allows you be a better manager

If you have team members based across multiple locations it is a good idea to visit with them as often as budget and time constraints allow. You’ll find that you can address any issues and concerns much more easily in a face-to-face environment and it will build trust between you and your employees. Even if there aren’t any particular areas of concern, meeting regularly will allow you to build your professional relationship more easily and your team will be more motivated to work hard to get the job done if you make the effort to travel.


  • It is good for new business

When it comes to bringing new business on board or closing important deals, there is no real substitute for being there in person. Thrashing out the finer details of a deal can be extremely challenging via email, telephone, or video call where minor points and behavioral quirks can be easily misunderstood, and on occasions such as this it is imperative that you give yourself and your business every opportunity to position yourself effectively.


Whenever you decide to travel for business, make sure you don’t leave your transportation to chance. With our reliable Westchester car service you can be assured that our professional chauffeurs will get you where you need to be in the upmost luxury and comfort without any of the added hassle, so you arrive feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for the day ahead.

Posted on Dec 12th 2017

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