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Travel Tips: The Difference between a “Driver” and a “Chauffeur”

Traveling to the greater New York City area will involve ground transportation of one sort or another. If you are heading to or departing from Monroe in Orange County, you will want to find a reliable mode of transport. You will put yourself in the hands of the operator of some sort of vehicle. Your best option is to choose the best limo service NYC has to offer. In making that decision, you will also discover the huge difference between a “driver” and a “chauffeur.”


Not All Car Services are Alike

Some travelers think the only difference between ride shares, taxis, and limousine services is price. This is a big mistake. When you choose a ride share service or a taxi, you get a driver, for whom time is money. That person’s only concern is to get you from your starting point to your destination as quickly as possible. That way they can move on to another customer. But with a limousine service, you get a chauffeur, whose primary concern is meeting your needs that relate to transportation.

When you have the service of a chauffeur, you have the benefit of someone who knows the region and can tell you about the attractions and best dining options available to you. If you want to take a scenic route to your destination, the chauffeur will accommodate you. A driver is less likely to take that time. You also can enjoy the comfort and luxury of the Monroe car service that will give you the best attention.


The Best Service Available

When you select Majestic Car and Limo Service, you will get a professionally trained chauffeur. This training covers not only the operation of the vehicle, but also learning all the roads and avenues of the area. Our chauffeurs stay aware of the ebb and flux of daily traffic, of road conditions along the way. Because your comfort is our major concern, our employees make sure your baggage is properly stowed and that you have everything you need for the duration of the drive. Our chauffeurs can answer your questions about local sights, restaurants, and other points of interest.

This base of knowledge is another major difference between our chauffeurs and any driver you might contact from JFK Airport. The casual driver may have to check GPS routing to find the way to your destination, but not know about any points along the way. Our chauffeurs will be able to address any unexpected need you have. If you arrived in the NYC area and suddenly realized that you need a particular item right away, our chauffeurs can help you with that as part of the service in delivering you to your destination.


Plan Your Visit

As you make your plans for traveling to the New York City area, include working with Majestic Car and Limo Service. We will help you make your visit to Monroe the most satisfying and pleasurable one possible. Instead of the stress of wondering if your driver knows how to get you where you want to go, you can relax and enjoy the ride provided by our comfortable vehicles. You can feel assured that your chauffeur will get you to your destination in safety and luxury.

Posted on Feb 15th 2017

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