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Top Tips to Prepare for Long Haul Travel

While long haul travel might be necessary to get where you need to be for work or your dream vacation, you needn’t be uncomfortable or see it as wasted time. Our top tips will help you prepare so that you can arrive at your destination feeling comfortable and refreshed.


Rest beforehand

Early starts, time differences, noisy planes and long layovers can all cause you to feel completely exhausted by the time you’ve arrived at your destination, and instead of going out exploring or starting on some important work you just want to get into bed and sleep. Although there is no way to completely prevent the exhaustion that long haul travel can cause, you will find it will help enormously if you can plan in time to rest and try to sleep more than usual the day before. Try to complete all your packing and chores before the last minute, that way you can allow yourself time to fully relax and rest before any demanding travel.


Pack carry-on carefully

It can be tempting just to cram all of your essentials into your checked baggage to save time and space, but it is well worth planning out carefully what you want with you in the airport and on the plane. Think about toiletries so you can freshen up, any medication you might need to take during your journey, or even a change of clothes if your flight is particularly long. Think about packing a travel pillow and ear plugs if background noise and bright lights might hinder your sleep while you travel.


Get food and drink at the airport

Although you will most likely receive plenty of food and drink on the plane it is always useful to bring some of your own in case there are long gaps between services or you don’t like the options available. It’s also a good idea to bring some water with you as you never know when it will be available and if there is a delay once you have boarded the plane the cabin crew may not be able to serve you. If you don’t want to pay airport prices, bring a refillable container with you.


Wear comfortable clothing

Wear something light, preferably with some stretch, and remember to layer, that way you can adjust as needed as the temperature changes. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and breathable and give you plenty of support for rushing around airport terminals, too!


Bring entertainment

While most planes on long haul routes now offer a range of entertainment on your own personal seat-back screen, it is still worth bringing a few extra things to help pass the time if you feel like a change. Pack a book, magazine or newspaper to help keep your mind stimulated, or download a special mix of songs onto your mobile device that will help you relax.

No matter how long your journey is, you can safely rely on our New York car service to get you to where you need to be after you step through arrivals. Our professional, dedicated chauffeurs will take the stresses and strains out of your ground transportation so you can relax and unwind in comfort.

Posted on Oct 10th 2017

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