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Top Reasons to Choose Private Transport instead of Public Transport

There are tons of transportation options out there that range from the norm to the simply bizarre. However, if you’ve just gotten off a flight in the middle of the night in a new and unfamiliar location, you’ll wouldn’t want to be the person trying to flag down or arrange for a pick up at the last minute. After all, it isn’t even safe to be standing by yourself outdoors.

For a reliable and comfortable ride to your destination of choice, you should pre-arrange a private airport transfer with our Westchester car service. Not only are we always available to take your call or online booking, you can also be assured that our experienced chauffeurs are alert and ready on the road.

However, before you make up your mind on what type of transportation you prefer, you’ll need to know the difference between public and private transportation:


Public Transport


There are tons of public transportation options available to us, but which one you choose to take very much depends on your preference and their availability. If you’re familiar and comfortable with your mode of public transport, good for you. After all, it is known to be relatively cheap and equal for everyone. However, you’ll have to put up with the possibility of drivers leaving without you if you’re late, packed compartments, and also the hassle of catching another ride of the first one pans out.


Private Transport

Before you make your decision on which choice is better, let’s take a look at the benefits of private transportation:


Time Saver

Frustrated of waiting for your transport or getting left behind? With private transport chauffeurs, they’ll be the ones waiting for you. They’ll also be acquainted with your schedule, so they’ll know exactly which route to take to ensure that you’ll always be picked up and dropped off on time.



It’s time to sit back and relax because you’ll have the entire seat all to yourself. Most seats are made of leather, so you know you’ll be having a comfortable ride from the time you’re picked up to the when you’re dropped off.


Personal Service

Nothing beats great personal service. Even your time on the road, no matter if it’s a short or long one, can be greatly enhanced with a friendly and attentive chauffeur. Not only do they know you, but they’re also ready to assist you in whatever manner they can.



Ever felt unsafe in the hands of a public transport driver? Well, you needn’t feel the same way with private transport since all chauffeurs are required to go through a strict background and licensing process in order to qualify for the position. Your life is important, so it’s good to feel reassured on the road.

Posted on Apr 24th 2018

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