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Top 5 breweries to visit in Hudson Valley this year

Planning a brewery tour with your friends is fun, but deciding on a single brewery to visit is almost impossible. This is why it’s always better to include multiple stops on the way and enjoy different flavors of crafted brews. If you are planning the brewery tour in Hudson Valley, then you couldn’t have picked a better spot. The rolling hills of Hudson Valley are packed with amazing breweries, and today we will help you discover the top 5 best ones.

Top 5 Breweries to visit in Hudson Valley

#1 The Drowned Lands

If your friends love drinking wheat pilsners, IPAs, and farmhouse ales, you don’t need to look any further than the Drowned Lands. This brewery offers a wide range of delicious brews that will make your tastebuds explode. What makes the Drowned Lands stand out as a brewery is the fact that it specializes in rustic beer styles. As a result, you can always grab a pint of a triple IPA or a wheat pilsner when visiting this place. You can find the Hudson Valley brewery at 251 State School Rd, Warwick, NY 10990.

#2 Foreign Objects Beer Company

The Foreign Objects Beer Company is a “must-visit” destination for all Hudson Valley brewery tours, and there is no doubt about that. The brewery offers a fantastic experience called the “Nerve Center Tasting Room.” The room is open 1-9 PM during the week and 1-6 PM on Sunday. If you choose to visit this amazing brewery, you will be able to taste incredible brews such as the Hazy New American Hoppy Ale, Neo-German Amber Lager, and Dry Hopped Neo-German Pilsner. The brewery is located at 50 W Mombasha Rd, Monroe, NY 10950.

#3 Industrial Arts Brewing Company

Industrial Arts Brewing Company is listed in our top 5 breweries to visit in Hudson Valley because they have the most versatile offers. The brewery presents a core series that is formed from the following Wrench Hazy IPA, Pocket Hazy Pale Ale, Metric Pilsner, and Tools of the Trade Extra Pale Ale. You can also get Dark Lagers, New York State IPAs, and Helles Bock Lagers, among other types of brews. Industrial Arts Brewing Company can be found at 55 W Railroad Ave, Garnerville, NY 10923.

#4 Plan Bee Farm Brewery

Are you looking for a unique experience on your Hudson Valley brewery tour? If that is the case, the Plan Bee Farm Brewery is perfect for your group. The brewery is located on a farm where you can enjoy drinks that have many grown on-site ingredients in them. Make sure to visit the Plan Bee Farm Brewery on a sunny day so that you can enjoy a nice walk around the farm. Moreover, Plan Bee Farm Brewery is located at 115 Underhill Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603.

#5 Captain Lawrence Brewing Company

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company was established in 2005, and it holds the title of being Westchester’s first craft brewery. The brewery offers a trademark drink called the Captain Lawrence Fresh Chester, which is well-renowned in Hudson Valley for its amazing taste. What’s cool about this spot is the fact that it has a big open space where groups of friends can enjoy beers and good music. In addition, the brewery is located at 444 Saw Mill River Rd. Elmsford, NY 10523.

Posted on Apr 5th 2022

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