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Tips to Get You Through A Flight Delay or Cancellation

Weather conditions, delayed incoming flights, and mechanical issues with planes cause flight delays and cancellations to and from New York every day. As a passenger, you’re never happy to see your flight delayed or cancelled. It leaves you feeling dismayed and uncertain what to do next. Making the best of a situation like this isn’t easy, but it can make the remainder of your trip smoother. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, we have a few simple tips that might make the rest of your day a little more enjoyable.


Be Early

The early bird does get the worm in travel instances. Don’t let the great weather where you are fool you into thinking you’re unlikely to experience a delayed or cancelled flight since there’s no weather-related issues. Your plane is coming from another city, and that city might be in the midst of horrible weather that grounds or delays flights all day. By choosing to fly out on the first few flights of the day, you almost guarantee your flight isn’t delayed or cancelled since it’s already at the airport and ready to take off.


Keep Contact Information in your Itinerary

Our Hudson Valley limo service is not only luxurious, we are professional. We know our clients experience flight delays and cancellations every day, which means we experience delays in scheduled pick-up and drop-offs. Our professionals staff and experienced chauffeurs monitor your flight information throughout the day so we know what time to arrive to pick you up. By keeping contact information for our limo service in NY, your hotel, and any other locations where you have reservations, you can make a few calls to avoid penalties or late fees for not showing up on time.


Remain Calm

No one wins with an attitude, and this is especially true at the airport. By maintaining a calm demeanor, you might be able to talk airline employees to paying for a hotel room, another flight, or even booking you on another airline when your flight is delayed or cancelled. Demanding assistance, name-calling, and rude behavior means you’re going to get less from the airline, and that’s not what you want.


Avoid Connections

Anytime you book a flight, consider booking the nonstop flight. Connections mean potential delays, longer travel days, and they’re often stressful. Even if the nonstop flight is just a little more expensive, it’s often worth paying the additional fee to know once you’re in the air you are that much closer to your destination.


Our company is well-versed in happily accommodating clients experiencing flight delays and cancellations. Our policy is to accommodate you to the best of our ability so that you have one less thing to worry about when travel plans are disrupted. Call us to schedule a pick-up, drop-off, or to discuss our policies for clients who aren’t going to make it to NY at the correct time. We are always happy to make your trip more enjoyable by providing a stellar, luxurious experience.


Posted on Jan 4th 2017

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