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The insider guide to stress-free wedding planning

Wedding planning can be a stressful experience – with so many decisions to be made and plans to be coordinated it can easily get overwhelming. We’ve been a part of many weddings over the years, so here are our top tips for handling any events that may come your way.

Get plenty of sleep

Wedding planning stress can easily lead to late nights sorting out those last-minute details or lying awake obsessively going over your seating plan. But while you may feel like you’re being productive, you could be heading for burn-out. Even though it might feel like wasted time, getting more sleep will leave you feeling refreshed, focused, and ready to tackle your planning with renewed vigor – so you’ll actually be more productive as a result. Be strict with yourself, set a time for hitting the sack each night, then stick to it! If you’re struggling to stay self-disciplined (or with losing track of time) use an app on your smartphone that alerts you when it’s bedtime. 

Give yourself a break

Like anything that requires major planning and constant decision-making, it helps to take a break once in a while to let your mind calm down. When you start to feel overwhelmed by plans and responsibilities, take some time out and indulge in something that relaxes you. Even a short walk or a trip to meet a friend for coffee may just help to change the scene and refresh your mental state. If it helps to talk, find someone you can open up to about why you’re stressed and who can sympathize with your situation.

Take a trip

If taking a short time-out doesn’t work, consider getting away somewhere further afield. It’s not always the planning that’s stressful but the people involved or the physical reminders all around you while you’re at home. Sometimes going away for a few days, perhaps to visit an out-of-town friend or family member, could help give you some much-needed headspace and can help to prevent stress boiling over into a full-on meltdown.

Ask for help

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help when wedding planning gets on top of you. Many of us are guilty of taking on too much and not wanting to bother other people, but the truth is friends and family members are often delighted to be asked to be involved in the planning process. Reach out and see what tasks friends and family members might be able to take on then delegate accordingly. You’ll feel much better when the load is shared, and others will feel more involved in your special day, too.

Hire a professional

It’s not cheating to hire a wedding planner to help organize one of the biggest days of your life. With their vast experience, great industry contacts, and been-there done-that reassurances, you won’t have to worry that you’ve forgotten a crucial detail or that you don’t know how to find a certain vendor. They’ll also be able to deal with a lot of the logistical coordination on your behalf, so you only need to worry about the big-ticket decisions. 

Sort your transportation

How you and your guests get around has a major impact on the smooth-running of your wedding day schedule. When you book your wedding transportation with Majestic you’ll get safe, comfortable transportation you can depend on. Our years of experience, superior quality vehicles, helpful advisors, and specially trained chauffeurs will make sure your day stays totally stress-free. 

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Posted on Aug 23rd 2019

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