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Mixing Business with Pleasure

When you make a business trip the first thing on your mind is just that -- business. There's no time for sightseeing or taking in the nightlife. Your main goal is to conduct what is required and get the heck out of the area as soon as possible. But is this the way you should go?


Perhaps your clients want to have some fun. Perhaps they want to hire our Monroe car service to take you various places. It's not so they can loosen you up and get the best deal possible. If anything, it's to see who you really are. If they're going to work with you directly, they need to know you as a person and not simply a business entity. And this is why you can mix business with pleasure.


But there are some rules to this. First, before you decide to pick up the fare for our limo service Monroe, contact your Human Resources or Travel departments to determine if this is something which is even allowed with your expense stipend. If so, the next to do is see if you can pay for the meal or game your chauffeur drives you and the client to. This may be considered a bribe instead of a gift and labeled as unethical.


Should you own the business, don't immediately think hiring a car service and paying for dinner is going to be considered a business expense. Review the federal tax laws to see if this is the case. There may be a limit to the amount of money you can spend per trip. Should the client pay for something, you may need to detail it as a gift, and it may be part of your income.


When you've done all of the reviews, then it's time to loosen up and have fun. But not too much. Hiring a car service and chauffeur to drive you and your client around doesn't mean you can make a fool of yourself by drinking to excess or being vulgar. Even if the client goes to those extremes you should ensure you're respectable, particularly when they ask you to jump to the next level of excess. They may frown initially, but they'll respect you later as you seal the deal.


And if you have time between appointments, don't sit in the hotel room. Hire a car service out of your own pocket and have them drive you to some of the more popular tourist locations or neighborhoods. Get to know the area in comfort instead of frustrated as you navigate the streets in a rental car.


Should you make an agreement with the client, there's a very good chance you'll return to Monroe. Now is a good time to get a feel for the area. When you come around the next time, you'll be able to recommend a place for all of you to go instead of the other way around. This keeps business and pleasure going into the future of your relationship.

Posted on Jan 17th 2017

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