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Why You May Want to Consider a Limo service company When Traveling to New York

Traveling into New York from Westchester or County or beyond is second nature to most that live just north of the city. Many commute to NY daily via train. Some even drive or carpool. Buses are not as common an option. While the train is convenient, it is expensive, especially if you don’t have a monthly pass.

Going into NYC for business or evening and weekend activities is doable via the train. But, there are some challenges at times that make taking a New York limo rental a better option.


Formal Engagements

Whether it is a city wedding, a night at the opera, or maybe a bar or bat mitzvah in town, you likely don’t want to navigate the trains, Grand Central Terminal, and public transportation in your nicest attire. This is when a chauffeured limousine can make the trip more relaxed.


Group Events

Any activity in New York that you and friends are attending together, even if it is just a day of holiday shopping, is likely going to be worth the cost of car service. When you factor in round trip train tickets, subways, and taxi fares for a group, you might do just as well to split the cost of a limo. This goes for driving into NY too. The cost of fuel, tolls, and parking can add up pretty quickly. A car is great for carting all your new purchases home.


Airport Transportation

There is nothing easy about getting to the New York City airports. Driving is a logistical nightmare. Parking is very expensive, plus you have to take a bus from the lot to your terminal. Taking the trains and subways is actually a good deal, but it takes forever from Westchester to do this. A better bet is to hire a Westchester car service to get you there on time. Let an experienced chauffer help you with luggage and then he or she will take the stress out of negotiating the jammed highways and bridges. You will be dropped off right at your terminal. Same is true for your return service.


Business Meetings

If you don’t commute into NYC daily, but do have business meetings in the city, you might want to consider car service over the train. Peak hour train tickets are costly, compared to monthly passes. Local parking costs aren’t terrible for those without emblems, but finding a space in municipal lots often means you have to leave at dawn. Door to door service is worth it for those occasional business meetings where you don’t want to deal with parking and potential train delays. It also affords you some time to get pre-meeting work done in a comfortable environment.

We have all seen the nightmares of LA traffic. The east coast, near New York City, really isn’t much better. The highways and public transportation into NYC are crowded and costly. There are times when investing in a professional car service professional is just so worth the peace of mind that comes with a safe, stress free ride.



Posted on Feb 28th 2017

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