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Mastering the Steps to Achieving a Successful Business Dinner

Nothing sours a meal faster than bad food and sitting with a bad-mannered person at the same table. In fact, if you’re looking forward to a business meal with others, this is exactly the time to bring proper dining etiquette to the fore. There will be two main goals to accomplish with every business meal, and that’s establishing a good impression and paving the way to a solid long-term relationship with others.

In fact, our Westchester car service strives to do exactly that. Not only do we work to provide top-notch service with every single ride, but we also guarantee our customers absolute safety and comfort. We’ll love for everyone to experience a quality luxury ride with us, and we’ve also provided the steps you’ll need to know in order to achieve a successful business meal:

Setting the Right Agenda

Nobody wants to sit at a table with a clueless person, so don’t fall into that trap. Understand exactly why you’re sitting down to a meal in the first place. This means knowing or setting the agenda from the start. If it’s a time to bond and get to know one another better, you’ll be able to adjust accordingly. The same can also be said if you understand that the meal is a precursor to more serious talk.

It’s Still Work

A business dinner is more than just two or more people sitting down to a meal, at least because the stakes can be higher. Treat it as an extension of your workday and know that it’s a combination of both networking skills and a business meeting. Since it’s still work, you’ll want to come across as professional but not stiff, so get comfortable and keep your agenda in mind so you’re right on track.

The Food is Secondary

Hunger drives us to eat, so don’t put yourself in a position where your only thought is on devouring the plate in front of you. The focus of the meal is on talking to others and not on the actual food itself, so eat a little to stave off hunger before the business dinner. Also, don’t order messy foods such as pasta, ribs and crabs legs as that will take away your concentration from the purpose of the meal itself. 

Get Ready to Talk

Talking is sometimes underrated, and the truth is that it’s a necessity in our lives. When it comes to a business dinner, you’ll want to be able to network effectively with others, and that involves knowing what to ask and when to do it. Also, the wider your knowledge on a broad range of general topics such as TV shows and current news, the more you’ll be able to handle conversations with others.

Take Note of Your Body Language

Our body language is a big part of any conversation, and if you know how to interpret it and manage it yourself, you’ll go a long way. To convey attentiveness, you’ll want to be sitting straight and looking at the person you’re talking to or listening to. Other table manners will also apply, such as excusing yourself to go to the washroom, not talking with your mouth full, knowing which utensils to use, and so on.

When you need reliable transportation in a modern vehicle driven by a friendly, courteous, professional chauffeur, you can always count on our New York car service. Majestic Transportation Services is the business car service company that has been providing the region’s leadership with reasonably travel arrangements for more than 14 years.

Posted on Mar 19th 2019

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