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Leadership Tips for 2017

If you are a manager you probably already know what it takes to be a great leader.

If you have never been in a position of authority, you might find it difficult to realize what is going on above you.


Sometimes it looks like you are doing all the work and the boss is taking all the credit.

When done correctly being a manager or the person in charge can be incredibly rewarding and at the same time tough.


Below we sum up 5 tips for proper leadership and management in general management. Make sure to apply it in 2017.

Lead by example

Do not be that boss who micromanages. Aa leader delegates he does not micromanage. But before he delegates he works as hard as his employees.

If a difficult task is presented to you, take charge and always do the most difficult job.


Your people will respect you.

Be honest

Be upfront with your team and you supervisor. Even if what you have to say is a negative feedback or an admonishment say it, straight forward. Otherwise, you leave a place to miscommunication.

Your team will respect for your honesty, and they will trust you.

Understand that business is business but...

Yes, a little compassion or empathy when necessary can smooth the way.


Support you team in need, show them you care enough and advise them, also encourage them to come to you to ask you if they are not doing something right.

Some people need a gentle touch to get back on track. In the same way, others respond best to being yelled at. But you are a good leader you 'll figure it out.

As long as you don't create hostility and a negative work environment handle each as they react.

Recognize the value of your team

One of the greatest abilities as an employer is being able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of his people.


If this is not an ability, you naturally possess as a person in charge it's crucial you take steps to develop it.


Putting the proper people in the right positions will simplify your job. Putting the wrong person in charge it can be devastating.

Face the reality

You will not always be right. Learn to deal with that.

Just because you get the big bugs or you make the hardest decisions does not make you always right. Don’t act like a know it all

If someone has a good suggestion or makes an argument contradictory, listen and communicate.


Using the creativity and varied perspective of those around you is a life skill. Do not be afraid of losing your authority if you are wrong and admit it means you are self-confident.

As a leader ourselves, we are trying to give a head start to the new year. If one of your business resolutions is to be a better leader apply these tips and tricks.

Remember that a leader is always on time. Please consider Majestic Limousine for your office ride.


Posted on Nov 29th 2016

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