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Insider Tips to Help You Travel Smarter

So, you’re traveling for business yet again, but do you feel like there should be a better way to reduce the hassle you encounter each time you jet off? Follow our list of top tips to help your travel smarter so that you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, refreshed, and energized for the rest of your trip.

  • Pack extra-important items in your carry-on

Sometimes it’s not possible to fit everything you need for your trip in carry-on, especially if you are traveling for a longer period of time, so make sure when you pack that you include any essential items which would be difficult to replace in your carry-on rather than your checked baggage. This could be anything like medications, important documents, or valuable items such as a laptop – that way, if your baggage happens to be lost or delayed, you’ll be able to get by and won’t have lost anything too valuable.

  • Use your frequent flyer status

If you are a regular traveler, get using your frequent flyer status for extra perks! Airport lounges, priority boarding, complimentary refreshments, free upgrades, preferred check-in, and a dedicated customer service team are just some of the reasons you should take advantage and register your miles on every trip – then use them! Many airlines will also give you bonus mileage points as you increase your elite membership level with them, meaning rewards can quickly multiply once you reach a particular status.

  • Sort out your seat assignment in advance

Either pick your seats at the booking or online check-in stage if you possibly can – the earlier you get them booked, the greater the chance of securing that coveted aisle or window seat. Try to avoid leaving your seat allocation until you get to the airport if you are planning to check-in there, particularly if it is a busy travel time and you are traveling with others. While airlines will do their best to keep your group together this might not always be possible if the flight is very busy and you leave it late.

  • Get on a fast track security program

Programs such as TSA Pre-check and Global Entry allow you to speed through the security lines, avoiding the stress and hassle of having to remove shoes, belts, clear bags of liquid, and any electronic devices such as laptops or tablets from your carry-on. TSA claim that currently 99.6% of pre-check travellers wait 10 minutes or less in a security line – well worth the $85 fee you’ll pay for the application. Global Entry is $15 more but qualifies you for both programs so may be worth looking at as a savvier alternative.

  • Book your ground transportation

Don’t leave your ground transportation to chance – trust our expert Westchester car service to get you wherever you need to be smoothly and efficiently. Travel can be a stressful experience and the last thing you want to be dealing with after a long flight is sorting out a rental vehicle, doing battle with local traffic, or unreliable public transport. Our friendly chauffeurs will be there to greet you when your flight arrives and whisk you to your onward destination in luxurious comfort, so you arrive feeling relaxed and revived after your journey.

Posted on Mar 27th 2018

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