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How to Stress Less on Your Next Corporate Trip

As a business traveler, you know all too well how stressful it can be whenever you take a trip for work. From flight delays, to unpredictable traffic conditions, to navigating through an unfamiliar city – it’s not uncommon for you to arrive at your destination already feeling stressed and tired out. But there are some steps you can take to alleviate this and make your executive travel experience a more pleasant one. Here are our top tips for a smooth and hassle-free corporate travel experience.

Forget rental cars

Driving yourself around in an unfamiliar city, in an unfamiliar car, trying to follow directions without bumping into the back of stop-start traffic is not the way to arrive. You need to feel refreshed and at your best in order to make your trip a success.

Alleviate the burden of driving and use a professional chauffeur service instead. Your driver will use their local knowledge and expertise to get where you need to be with minimal hassle. Get picked up right at arrivals, get help with your luggage, then sit back and relax and let your chauffeur handle the rest. You can even use the opportunity to make some phone calls, get a bit of extra work done, or simply take a quick nap after a long flight, so you’ll arrive feeling fresh and productive.

Give yourself a break

When you’re away from home on a corporate trip, it can be tempting to work, work, work until you collapse in your hotel room at the end of a long day. But remember, just like in the office, if you don’t let yourself take some time away from work to relax you’ll just burn out.

Shut off your phone, take a walk around the neighborhood, or hit the hotel gym to help you relax and get your mind off work. You can even use the opportunity to connect with coworkers or clients – suggest gong out for a meal or drinks as a group so you’ll have the chance to socialize in a more informal setting.

Make time for “bleisure”

If you find yourself in a new city on your next work trip, then why not use it as an opportunity to explore?! “Bleisure” travel has exploded over recent years, with many

executive travelers using it as an opportunity to tag on some much-needed vacation time. If you aren’t able to use up valuable days off, simply use your evenings or any other downtime to explore the area, so you still get the “bleisure” experience. Get insider tips from your coworkers, your hotel concierge, or your transportation provider to be sure you hit all the top sights and attractions. This will help you relax and make traveling for business a more enriching experience.

Don’t be tempted to take on more work

We’ve all been there – you get back to your hotel and check your emails after a long and strenuous afternoon of meetings only to find your inbox clustered with messages from your boss and colleagues asking if you can take on yet another task. While we wouldn’t suggest refusing every request, it’s important to be realistic. There are limits to the amount of extra work you can take on while you are traveling, and you need to remember why you’re there in the first place. Allow yourself time to actually focus on the “business” part of your business trip, and try not to say yes to every other task that comes your way while you’re gone. You’ll only end up rushing the job, which could result in more time being wasted in the long run if it’s not done correctly.

Choose a reliable transportation service

Don’t just settle for ride sharing or cabs – use a professional transportation service that will guarantee a hassle-free experience, so you can fully focus on your business trip.

At Majestic Transportation Services, we know what it takes to deliver a smooth and stress-free transportation experience for our corporate clients. We have over a decade of experience providing exceptional ground transportation to business travelers all around the Hudson Valley region, and our recently upgraded fleet of smart and stylish SUVs means we offer a new standard of luxury that will redefine your travel experience.

Posted on Oct 10th 2019

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