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How to Choose a Limousine Service

Limousines are often used for special occasions – weddings, prom, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and more. For your special occasion, you want to be certain that the limousine service you choose meets all of your standards for your special day.

At Majestic Transportation, we believe that you should have the ability to make the most informed decision before hiring your limousine service. That is why we have compiled a list of tips that will assist you in the decision-making process, and these quick tips will help guide you to finding the perfect limousine for any occasion.

Check Out Reviews

Reviews from past customers are one of the most beneficial resources that you can utilize when picking your limousine company. With online review sites becoming even more prominent in today’s digital world, information regarding businesses are easily accessible! Be sure to read multiple reviews to get the best idea of the service and quality of a company.

Review sites can also vary by industry – for example, WeddingWire is a great place to look for reviews if you are planning to hire a limousine service for your wedding.

Pick Which Style of Vehicle You Prefer

Limousines come in many sizes and styles, so it’s important to identify your needs and preferences for your vehicle prior to picking a limousine service. If you are planning a large event with many guests that will require transportation, you will want to ensure that your selected limousine company offers larger limousines – with greater passenger capacity – in the fleet.

If you are unsure of what limousine type would best serve your needs, don’t be afraid to call the limousine company and ask for suggestions. Additionally, many limousine companies offer photos of their fleet on the site.

Decide On Your Budget

Limousines have a reputation as an expensive luxury, but not every limousine company offers prices that will fall outside of your budget.

Before you begin your search, be sure to consider how much you are willing to spend for a quality limousine service. With your budget in mind, you are free to call limousine companies and inquire about their services, but also ask for a quote to ensure that the cost falls within the budget. Always inquire about any additional costs that may come up after an initial payment, and leave a little extra room in your budget for non-standard fees, such as a tip for the driver.  

Check for Licenses

The limousine company that you choose should be fully licensed and abide by state and national regulations. Although specific regulations vary by state, you should check to make sure that your preferred limousine service has all of its required licenses and is committed to providing high-quality and top-standard services.

As a member of the National Limousine Association, Majestic Transportation holds licenses with the Westchester Taxi and Limousine Commission, as well as NYDOT and USDOT. For high-quality service, choose Majestic Transportation.

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Posted on Apr 1st 2016

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