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How to Help Your Team Collaborate Better

Effective collaboration can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to the objectives set for your team. Luckily, help is at hand – follow our simple tips below to ensure that your staff can work together effectively to meet (and even exceed) all of your business goals.


Set an example by collaborating with others

You should try to set an example of collaboration with others at an Executive level. Leading by example in this way is one of the strongest strategies for encouraging your team to do the same. Make sure your collaboration efforts are visible to your team so they also see the benefits that it could bring them in their unique situations.


Create a mentorship culture

Using mentors in a less formal, everyday workplace setting has also been shown to be an effective way of encouraging collaboration. Allowing ideas and information to flow organically between mentors and mentees as well as horizontally across mentorship teams allows for a more productive collaboration that will yield positive results.


Set regular team meetings

It is important to schedule regular meetings for your team and outline these as collaborative sessions so that every member has a chance of equal input and ideas are shared openly. Make these meetings as informal as possible to encourage a free and open discussion – this will better allow for collaboration without concern over hierarchy or ideas being lost through lack of an appropriate platform on which to share them.


Encourage diverse ideas – and make sure they are heard

Collaboration means that diverse ideas and opinions should be shared freely with others and their merits discussed and analyzed as a team before implementation. You should encourage your team to voice their input without fear of judgment or adverse repercussions and then create an environment where these diverse voices can actually be heard. Get to know your team well so that you can identify which individuals will need more help to get their ideas across and which will need more encouragement to listen to the opinions of others.


Assign clear roles

You should also make sure that each member of your team has been given assigned roles so that they are clear on the scope of their responsibilities. This will allow for better collaboration as each team member can focus on their particular area of expertise and feels valued because they bring something unique to the discussion. There will also be less chance of objective overlap which could lead to tensions within your team.


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A great football or basketball team relies heavily on teamwork. When is comes to teams in the workplace, the result produced is pretty much dependent on the same criteria: trust and collaboration. Our Orange County car service friends at Concierge Limousine have put together a short list of five simple methods to promote teamwork in your workplace.

Posted on Jan 30th 2018

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