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Fun Activities for Anyone and Everyone to Enjoy All Year Round in New York

We should never underestimate the importance of having a great time. In fact, if you’ve been feeling dry and close to burning out lately, this is an important sign that you’re seriously in need of some de-stressing and relaxation. Of course, you can always choose to sleep or lounge on the couch by yourself, but there’s definitely a refreshing and uplifting factor to having fun with others too. 
The important thing to take note of here is that we shouldn’t be limiting ourselves. When you’re able and willing, the sky’s really the limit to how much you can really enjoy what life has to offer. We’re definitely strong supporters of engaging in fun activities, so here are our suggestions that you might just want to try out:

Visit a Restaurant with a Spin 

Food can be a total bore when we’re stuck in a rut. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’ve been holding off on making a reservation at an eatery you’ve always wanted to try out, now’s your chance to book a table. Of course, it can get a little tricky if you intend to add younger children into the mix, but that doesn’t mean you should completely give up on ever dining out since there are family-friendly options to choose from too. 
There will be options you’ll be more partial to, but if you don’t have any idea where to start, you can always search Google with the keywords “James Beard restaurants New York”. This way, not only will you get a list that highlights the best of the best, you’ll also get to read up on reviews and comments from other diners to help you make up your mind.
Restaurant Suggestions: Lilia, Estela, Frenchette, Daniel, Momofuku

Plan a Road Trip

The phrase “hit the road” literally means setting out on a journey, and in the case of a road trip, all you’ll need to do is take some time off, pack your bags, and set off in your vehicle. You’ll get to enjoy a new sense of freedom that’s completely different from boarding a plane. It’s also a great way to explore places a lot closer to you, try out new types of food and snacks, soak in different scenery and cultures, and socialize with all kinds of folk.
You can even start driving with an end destination in mind, your bags and phone, and little to nothing else. This way, you can choose when and where to stop for the night, where you’ll like to go for a sightseeing and tummy-filling break, whom you want to connect with, and so on. After all, when was the last time you went on an adventure of sorts?  

Go to A Concert 

Everyone has a type of music or performance they’re interested in. Although you can get lots of enjoyment out of listening and watching your favorite performers right at home, there’s something truly mesmerizing about being live on the scene to witness it with your very own eyes. If you aren’t up for events that require you to pay, you can always keep an eye out for free ones instead.  

Hit the Amusement Park

If you start believing that amusement parks are only for children and adults with children, you’re definitely limiting your options for having fun. After all, there isn’t anything wrong with going on adrenaline-inducing rides and munching on snacks. In fact, if you’re a ride enthusiast, you’ll be absolutely thrilled at the prospect of spending your day trying out every single ride available with like-minded others.
Amusement Park Suggestions: Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, Luna Park, Playland Park

Plan a Fun Treasure Hunt

Who wouldn’t love the idea of deciphering clues and puzzles in the quest to find the treasure? Even if you’re not particularly into solving puzzles, there’s an element of excitement in scavenger hunts that naturally gets our blood pumping. 
With a fun activity such as this, you really shouldn’t stick to just hiding objects around the house. You can always plan a hunt that covers a good part of your neighbourhood, and if you have enough people participating, you can also emphasize teamwork by dividing everyone into groups.

Go Ice Skating

This particular activity can be both rewarding and thrilling with mastery, but unless you actually go out onto the ice, you’ll never really know. It’s a great way to bring together a large group of people. Even those who end up fumbling around the ice rink can have plenty of fun, so you should definitely consider this activity the next time you’re wondering what to do.
Ice Skating Rink Suggestions: Wollman Rink, The Rink at Rockefeller Center, World Ice Arena @ Flushing Meadows

Go on a Sightseeing Tour

Not every type of fun activity requires active participation, and in the case of sightseeing, you can either choose to explore the area on your own or completely relax and soak in the moment with a guided tour. Even if you’ve already seen or been to many of New York’s most beautiful spots, there’s room for revisiting or even discovering new places. 
Our luxurious vehicles are top of the line when it comes to delivering absolute comfort, and with our experienced chauffeurs manning the helm and bringing you to enjoy New York’s most spectacular sights, you can definitely bet on relaxing and having fun. When you choose our Westchester car service, we’ll love to bring you to any spot you have in mind, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Give us a call or book our New York car service online. 

Posted on May 14th 2019

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