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Fall Travel: Essentials for a Fall Foliage Weekend

The fall season is truly a mesmerizing time of the year. People often make the most out of the autumn by going for getaways to view the stunning colors of the leaves. If you're going to be savoring foliage for an entire weekend, you need to make smart transportation arrangements first. When you need Westchester car service for an autumn excursion, you can count on Majestic Transportation Services & Limo Inc. in Monroe, New York. Our NYC ground transportation assistance is everything you need it to be. If you're going to be looking at magnificent fall leaves in the New York, New York area, we can come through for you.


Autumn Travel and Necessities

Packing smartly for travel in the fall months is vital. It's important to pack suitable attire. The fall months are slightly chilly, and you have to dress to reflect that. It can be nice to pack a bag that consists of a scarf, a sturdy pair of jeans, a sweater and a jacket. Be sure to look beyond your apparel, too. The fall season can also often be a miserable time for people who have pesky allergies. If you're in that category, you may want to have allergy medication on hand. This medication can help safeguard you from a couple days of persistent eye watering, sneezing, itchiness and more. Other things you need to be sure to pack are hydrating body and facial lotions, an umbrella, cozy flat shoes for extended walking journeys and tissue packs. If you have these items at your disposal during your autumn getaway, you should be good to go.


Car Service in Westchester for the Fall

If you're going to be traveling in Westchester County during the fall, Majestic Transportation Services & Limo Inc. wants to manage all of your car service requests. We can help you get to all kinds of enchanting destinations in the autumn. The Catskill Mountains make a fabulous spot for people who want to have amazing foliage viewing experiences. Apart from the Catskills, a couple other must-see foliage destinations for the fall months are the southern part of the Hudson Valley and the Finger Lakes. A getaway at Chautauqua Lake can be a blast for fans of lovely and vibrant fall foliage colors. Chautauqua Lake isn't only a haven for folks who like to check out fall leaves, either. It's also a terrific place for people who are passionate about recreational activities like fishing and boating. Outdoorsy individuals won't want to miss out on fall Chautauqua Lake getaways.


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Do you feel like seizing the day in the fall? If you do, you should plan a fall getaway in New York. There are many breathtaking destinations in the state for people who adore the fall season. Our transportation company can make all of your fall foliage wishes and ambitions come true. Our chauffeurs are painstaking and knowledgeable professionals. Schedule our Westchester car service now.

Posted on Oct 2nd 2018

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