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The Dos and Don't s of Traveling With Your Boss

A business trip with your boss offers you the opportunity to shine. However, it can also end disastrously. At times, people have lost their careers because of failing to know a few simple rules when traveling with their boss. Here are the simple rules to keep in mind when traveling with the boss.

Do Speak to the Boss before the Trip

It is important that you clarify which role you will be playing during the trip. For instance, you should establish whose job it would be to hire ground transportation - of course, you know you can always rely on Majestic Car & Limo for your ground transportation needs. At times, the boss may assume that you are aware of what he or she expects. It will help save the both of you unnecessary inconveniences.

Do Seize the Opportunity

It is quite rare for you to get access to your boss. Do not squander the opportunity. Use this opportunity to show the boss some of your skills during the trip. If there is an upcoming promotion, he or she could consider you for the position. If you are charged with planning logistics, consider using a limo service New York instead of calling a taxi. It will show the boss that you care about the quality of service. The boss will keep your thoughtfulness and preference in mind when you go back to the office.

Do Dress Professionally

At times, people get tempted to dress casual, especially when traveling to an exotic destination. It could give the boss the wrong impression about your commitment to the task. Plan carefully for all the outfits you are going to wear during the trip. For instance, you should carefully estimate the weather conditions during the trip. Look for professional attires that are also appropriate for the weather. You do not want to be uncomfortable during the trip.

Don’t let Go Too Much

It is okay for you to have one or two glasses of wine when you travel with your boss. However, anything beyond that is overstepping the boundaries. Even if you have a high tolerance, avoid taking more than two glasses. The boss will keep in mind your ability to drink profusely without being drunk. It portrays you in a bad light. Always act professionally.

Don’t Be too Casual

Avoid becoming too friendly with the boss; it is important to keep in mind that he is crucial in determining the direction of your career. For instance, avoid sharing any personal anecdotes with your boss. It is quite typical for people to get tipsy and begin getting personal. Even if you are close to him at work, sharing intimate details of your life with them could hurt your career prospects. Develop your professional relationship with your boss and avoid the personal stuff.

If you are planning a trip to New York, you should consider using a professional New York car service. It ensures that delays for important meetings are not a factor. In most cases, depending on a taxi service when time is critical could prove disastrous for you. You should rely on our professional chauffeurs to offer you a safe, comfortable and luxurious ride.

Posted on Dec 20th 2016

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