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How to Choose the Perfect Prom Limo

Finding the perfect prom limo is not a complicated task, provided you are completely certain of the specific requisites and you can find a reliable Westchester car service. Before you start to browse the galactic network and start comparing quotes of different limo services, you should be lucidly aware of your needs.

The most important factor is the headcount. How many people will be riding the limo to and from the prom will determine the exact type of limo you need. Let us presume there would be four people. You would need a limo with a maximum capacity of four or more. You cannot go for a limo with a capacity of three people and have four people ride the car. This is not allowed by licensed and insurance limo companies. Every car has a capacity of the maximum number of passengers and also the maximum baggage which it can safely carry. Breaching the capacity will make the ride unsafe. It will also be uncomfortable. You would want a spacious ride to and from the event. Hence, you must opt for a car that you would not max out.

One common problem with prom limos is the fact that an additional person may join in at some point in time. It is not uncommon for parties of eight or ten people becoming larger groups of twenty by the time the event ends. You cannot have more people hop onto the limo than it can accommodate. If there is such a scope, then you should go for a limo bus at the outset. Be stringent with this headcount as it can make or break your prom night. Licensed, insured and well trained chauffeurs will not allow excess people. To avoid untoward developments, you can prepare a list of the names of people who are expected to travel with you. The chauffeur can ensure only those people board the limo after the event.

You must choose a limo based on the headcount, but you must also factor in the aspect of comfort, convenience and luxury. Some limos are more state of the art. Some limos are more luxurious. You can pay for a limo service that will offer more amenities through the evening. You should make a checklist of things you need and accordingly chalk out the whole limo service. It is not just about the pickup and drop-off. The whole experience has to be satiating and that should account for wait times, any tour around the city or going somewhere for an after party.

It is imperative that you hire a reputed and reliable limo service for prom. You need responsible chauffeurs who are well trained and proven to be safe drivers. You need prompt assistance from the limo company should you need anything at the eleventh hour or during your trip. All such services are assured when you reserve one of our prom limos. The only thing you need to do is provide us specific and accurate details of the members of the prom party, their addresses and preferably contact details along with the date and exact schedule.

Our experienced and professional chauffeurs provide prompt and reliable services throughout the Hudson Valley area. Whether you’re heading to prom on Hudson Valley or to an after party in the city, Majestic’s prom limousines will take you wherever you need to go.

Posted on May 8th 2018

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