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When to choose Executive Transportation

If you’ve ever been in the midst of a business trip in an unfamiliar city, you know the delicate balancing act that transportation can be. From trying to find a cab during rush hour to manning a rental car and not being able to find a parking spot, there are plenty of ways that bad transportation can ruin a productive business trip.

There are many things that can factor into how and why you choose the business trip transportation you do: perhaps your trip was planned at the last minute, you’re trying to save money or you simply aren’t aware of your options.

Have you ever considered the unique value of booking chauffeured car service for your next business trip? Are you familiar with the benefits of executive transportation and how it can make your business trip more streamlined, efficient and productive?

To help you become familiar with the multitude of perks you can enjoy by booking executive transportation, we’ve compiled a shortlist of those perks below.


With years of experience in the corporate transportation world, Majestic Transportation understands the unique challenges you face in orchestrating a successful business trip.

That’s why we can provide such outstanding corporate transportation for the duration of your travels.

Consider the convenience of a chauffeur when you’ve been on a plane for hours, and you must go straight from the airport to a presentation, meeting or client dinner. A professional chauffeur that will meet you in baggage claim and help you with your luggage, handle the navigation and parking, and pick you up promptly when your meeting is over will alleviate a number of issues during corporate travel.

The convenience of being able to schedule your pickups and drop offs, and avoid the confusion of driving in a new city, will add immeasurable ease to your trip.

Saving Valuable Time

Your schedule is important, and being able to maintain appointments, get to dinners, and make presentations on time is a huge part of your corporate trip’s success.

Having a professional chauffeur on hand will guarantee your schedule is kept; your chauffeur will be a local expert with a thorough knowledge of traffic patterns, efficient routes and the best short cuts. He or she will possess the discretion and regard for your schedule that your corporate travels demand.

Additionally, executive transportation will guarantee that you get back some of those precious moments during your commute to spend on work-related tasks. Whether you need to make phone calls, answer emails, practice a presentation or simply unwind a little before a big meeting, having a chauffeur to handle the driving means you can use your commute to do it.


We can’t underestimate the value of a good first impression, especially when an important potential client is in the picture.

Booking corporate transportation for your client meeting will communicate a level of esteem and regard that a rental car or a taxi simply can’t match.

Doing research on reliable companies can guarantee that the service you select will provide you with punctual service, a variety of pristine vehicles, and all of the amenities you need to make a great impression on a client. When presentation and making a great first impression are on your agenda, no transportation option can compare to executive transportation.

Whether you’re slated to travel to New York City or another intimidating metropolis, being equipped with trustworthy and reputable executive transportation can be a great relief during a business trip.

Consider booking corporate car service for business travel, and enjoy the difference the decision makes.

We invite you to contact Majestic Transportation today to discuss your needs and obtain more info on our Executive Car Service.

We believe that you deserve the very best in chauffeured and that begins with top-of-the-line vehicle choices and a polite, professional chauffeur behind the wheel.

Posted on Sep 20th 2016

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