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Business Travel with Kids: 5 Tips from the Experts

If you travel to exciting and fascinating places because of your job, there are times when you probably wish your family was there to enjoy the experiences with you. Well, they can be. While you’re sitting in the break-out session learning new strategies for work, your spouse and children can be exploring one of the New York’s many museums or enjoying outdoor activities at one of Westchester County parks.


Here are five tips to consider when bringing your children along with you while you are traveling for business.


Be Aware of Time Differences

When you travel from one-time zone to another, there could be anywhere from one hour to several hours difference in the time back home. Children will need time to adjust to waking up in a place where they just lost three hours sleep by crossing into a new time zone.


Do Things Your Children Will Enjoy

Make sure your children have fun. Children become bored quickly if they do not have anything to do. Being in an unfamiliar place will only make it worse. Do your homework and check out the place where you will be staying to make sure it is family friendly. Some locations cater to adults and may have pools, spas, and club areas that are not welcoming or appropriate for children.


Arrange For Child Care

If your spouse or someone else accompanies you on the trip, that person will be able to take care of the children while you are conducting business. If not, you can still bring your children with you. Your organization may offer child care services to their members. If you are visiting a place where you have friends or relatives who live in the local community, this may be the perfect opportunity for your children to spend time with them while you conduct business and join them later.


Stay an Extra Day

If you are attending a conference, book an extra day or two at the host hotel so you can have free time to enjoy experiencing the area's attractions with your family. You can either arrive a few days before your conference begins or stay a few days after the meetings end. Most hotels will allow you to add extra days at your same conference group discounted rate.


Make Family Memories

Take time to make the trip special for your children. Having children on a business trip can make things more challenging. Therefore, things may not always go as planned. Remember, it’s often the memories of the things that went wrong, which bring the most laughter later. Learn to expect the unexpected.


While visiting New York and using our New York car service and Westchester car service, you will not need to worry about keeping your family together or feeling safe while finding your way around the city. Our professional chauffeurs provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient transportation for your family. When you make your travel arrangements, include our car services in your plans.

Posted on Jul 24th 2018

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