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Best Ways for Entrepreneurs to Practice Mindfulness On Business Trips

If you are an entrepreneur who needs to travel for business, you are likely the one picking up the tab for this expense. That can be stressful, especially if you are headed into the costly metropolis of New York City. You can take a bit of that stress away by some pre-trip planning and practicing mindfulness during your travels.


Mindfulness is practiced by focusing on the present moment and not getting distracted by past events or worrying about things that haven’t yet happened. By planning your business trip well, you have already set yourself up for being able to remain mindful. A simple thing like booking our NYC ground transportation services ahead of time can set you on the path to a calmer and more mindful excursion.


Here are some ideas for practicing mindfulness while on a business trip.






Plan Ahead


Before you leave home, make arrangements for all of your transportation needs, such as train or flight reservations, and ground transportation. If you are going to NYC for the day from Westchester or Fairfield Counties, consider taking a Westchester car service to and from town so you don’t have to deal with public transportation and can work peacefully during the comfortable ride.


Book your hotel and dinner reservations in advance, as NYC tends to be busy all year round. Shop around online for hotel room deals to get a good price.






Anticipate Delays


Trains are sometimes late. Flights get canceled or are delayed. Traffic to and from the city can be congested and annoying. This stuff just happens when traveling. Practice some deep breathing and just remind yourself that the world isn’t perfect. Be prepared by downloading some good music and packing your ear buds. Bring along something enjoyable to read or load up your e-reader with some good books. If possible, meditate for 15 minutes to quiet your mind and keep yourself grounded in the present.






Nurture Yourself with Good Nutrition


Try to be cognizant of your dietary and hydration needs while traveling for business. While convenient, fast food is not the best option. Make sure you drink plenty of water, especially if you are traveling by air. Pack some fresh fruit in your briefcase or tote for a healthy snack. Splurge a little by treating yourself to a good and nutritious meal at a nice restaurant. Go light on the caffeine and alcohol, even if you are being entertained by your business host.






Rest and Recharge


Our bodies are exceptionally mindful while we sleep. Try sticking to the sleep routine that you practice while at home, even if you are crossing time zones. Sleep will restore your body and clear your mind, recharging you for the day ahead.






Say Thank You


A person who is mindful shows respect to others and acknowledges when someone is helpful. Say thank you to everyone who is making an effort to ensure that your trip is going as planned. This includes those who check you in at the airport, your hotel staff, restaurant servers, your chauffeur, and many others. And be sure to acknowledge the business colleagues you are meeting with for taking the time to see you. Being thankful and respectful is one of the most mindful things you can do. It will make you feel good too.

Posted on Mar 28th 2017

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