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Best New Apps for Business Travelers in 2017

Traveling for business can be a stressful event. Trying to prepare for business presentations and make it on time to meetings in new locations adds unnecessary anxiety to your life. However, your smartphone can be your own personal secretary while you travel. These 6 phone apps will make your life as a business traveler so much more enjoyable.

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  1. PackPoint

This app is great to have when you're packing up your luggage. Nothing is worse than forgetting your phone charger back at the hotel. With this app, you can use an easy checklist system with pictures that keeps you organized. It even helps you decide what you will need for the trip. Simply tell it your destination, dates, and purpose of travel, and it will compile a list for you.

  1. Hotel Tonight

Arriving at a hotel only to find out that your reservation wasn't secured can put a terrible dent in your travel. Never worry about this problem again when you have this handy app. Hotel Tonight will find you a last minute hotel room in the area. It even shows you what deals are out there, so you know you are getting the best rate.

  1. Flight+

You can be the first to know about flight delays with this app. Flight+ is a flight tracking phone app that gives you up-to-date information on your flights. Sometimes you know about delayed flights even before the attendants do. The app covers over 16,000 airports and all major airlines.

  1. Budget Tracker

This is one of the most useful phone apps you can have as a business traveler. It keeps track of all your expenses. Once you download it, you basically have a mini financial planner with you wherever you go. You set the budget you have for your trip and enter in your expenses. It'll send you notifications when you're close to your limit.

  1. Attendance Countdown

You may be traveling for business, but you can't always be on the clock. This app helps you track your work hours easily so you know when it's time to stop and relax a little. This is especially handy for those who need to keep track of their business hours for financial purposes. What's the point of business travel if you're not getting paid the proper amount for your work?

  1. Cash

The name says it all. This phone app is simply like having some cash in your wallet. You can use this app to easily split tabs with your work friends at the restaurant. It's safe to use and easy to set up. Simply connect your card information with the app and instantly exchange money with one click.

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Posted on Apr 25th 2017

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