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Avoiding the worst of airport security delays

At Majestic Limousine in Monroe, NY, we work hard to make sure that your journey to the airport is relaxing and comfortable, and you arrive on time every time. Unfortunately, we cannot control delays due to airport security that have quickly become one of the most annoying things about air travel. The T.S.A. has a job to do, and everyone understands that, but that doesn’t make the delay any less annoying.

If you’re a frequent flier, however, there are some things you can do to minimize the effects of security checks as much as possible. This can include both T.S.A. programs designed to lessen the wait as well as adapting your travel schedule to avoid the worst of the delays. Because you can take advantage of our stress-free transport to and from the airport, one thing that can make a huge difference is getting pre-cleared by a third party like Clear.

For a yearly fee of $179, Clear allows you to skip the long lines at security and go straight to screening, making your next visit to the airport much more enjoyable.

Choosing flight times that avoid peak hours can really help, too. With fewer people around, either late at night or very early morning, there tend to not only be less people in the security lines, but they move faster with less interruption and issues. Traveling at those hours could be a problem for some, but our service gets you there in comfort whatever the time of day, so you can relax and arrive at the airport refreshed and ready and avoid the worst of lines.

Security checks are here to stay, however with the combination of our services and some careful travel planning, you can still enjoy stress free flying with the minimum of delay at the airport.

Posted on Sep 29th 2016

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