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Airport Tips for Busy Travelers

Airports have become increasingly congested. JFK Airport served just over fifty-nine million and a hundred thousand passengers in 2016. That count rose by over two hundred thousand in 2017. Newark served more than forty-three million passengers and LaGuardia served just over twenty-nine million and five hundred thousand passengers last year. As more people fly in and out of the major airports in New York, Newark, Westchester and Stewart, busy travelers will have a more painstaking experience. The last thing busy travelers can afford is an excessive waste of time transiting to and from the airport. Here are some quintessential tips for active travelers.


  • Consider flying during weekdays or sometime midweek so you can avoid the weekend rush. Also, try to fly during odd hours if possible. Since most major airports in and around New York City serve anywhere from fifty thousand to almost two hundred thousand passengers in a day, there are some hours when the congestion is simply unbearable. Avoiding these times would be a wise move.


  • Opt for expedited screening. Busy fliers know they have to prepare for faster security check-ins. Frequent flyers and business travelers rarely carry items that they know will create trouble before boarding. Expedited screening is a pragmatic option. Not everyone may qualify for expedited screening, but you can always apply for it.


  • Always try to get a seat at the front row. This will enable you to be among the last to board and among the first to get off. Both are desirable since you don’t need to be in haste to board so others can find their seats conveniently as you make way for them along the aisle and you don’t have to wait for a hundred or more people to get off the plane before you can find your way to the terminal.


  • You should avail every convenient service at your disposal. Online check-in is imperative. Pack light and opt for cabin baggage as often as you can. This will save you time. Alternatively, you can just go for check-in baggage and carry nothing with you through security. The objective is to speed up the process so you can save time.


  • Always reserve a car before you take off, so there is a chauffeur waiting for you when you land. Busy travelers should not try to arrange for their transport after they land. There will be a phenomenal rush, standing in the queue and getting a cab or shuttle at the airport can be a substantial waste of time, and then one has to find the cab. All such worries can be dealt with if you reserve one of our limos. Our chauffeur will be waiting for you. As soon as you arrive at the gate, your luggage would be loaded onto the car and you would be en route to your destination. Reserving one of our limos with our Westchester car service is also the best option if you wish to catch up with some work en route, whether you have just arrived in the city or departing.

Posted on Apr 3rd 2018

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