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How to Ace Your First Job Interview

Job hunting can be tough, especially when you’re a fresh college graduate with little or no experience. You have to go through the interview process knowing that you are up against more qualified candidates and even if you land the job it will most likely be at an entry-level position. But that’s okay, don’t panic, everybody starts somewhere. What’s important is that you kill it, impress your interviewers, and finally start your journey towards your dream job.

While your first post-college interview may be scary for the most part, it is important that you don’t let that fear paralyze you. They say success occurs when opportunity meets preparation; so prepare!

Here are a few tips on how to be prepared for your first interview.


One of the best ways to impress your assessor is to do your research on the organization’s current affairs. Being aware of what is currently going on within the company will enable you to ask pertinent questions and prepare you for any surprise questions relevant to those affairs. Doing so shows your assessor that you have done your homework and that you have a genuine interest in the company.

Dress Appropriately

Your appearance forms an immediate impression of what kind of a person you are and whether or not you’ll be a good fit. Find out if the company you are interviewing for has a dress code and choose your outfit based on that. For men, if the dress code is casual, a nice pair of khakis and a buttoned shirt would do just fine. However, if the dress code is formal, a crisp suit would be the preferred choice. The same logic applies to women applying for a position.

Body Language

Body language is non-verbal communication, and it says a lot more than words do. Body language tells you if a person is confident, shy, reserved, nervous, relaxed, etc. If you want to ace that job interview you have to ensure that your body language gives off a positive energy. Take long steady strides when you walk, sit upright, give a reasonably firm handshake, make eye contact, speak confidently, and show your assessor that you are listening carefully to everything they have to say.

Showcase your Value

Don’t hide your selling points in the name of modesty, it’s okay to brag a little, just make sure not to come off as arrogant. Talk of your accomplishments, whatever they may be, and show your assessor why you are the perfect person for the position. When you’re fresh out of college, it could be something as simple as a project you led, a sports team you were a part of, volunteer work you took part in, or an internship program you went through.


This is perhaps the most important tip, which is why we have saved it for last. Imagine what kind of first impression you would make if you arrived late to your interview. We guess not a very good one. So make sure you’re at the venue at least 30 minutes prior. Unless the excuse is a life-threatening situation that needed your attention, coming in late shows lack of seriousness and an inability to plan and prioritize.

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Posted on Aug 15th 2017

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