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5 Ways to Kill Time at the Airport

Flight delays, long layovers, or even arriving early at the airport only to find a surprisingly short line through security – there are many reasons you may find yourself with unexpected extra time to kill at the airport. Instead of staring impatiently at the departures board, try our five tips for making the most of your downtime.


Eat in

You’ll undoubtedly see many people making a beeline straight for the nearest coffee stand to grab their morning pick-me-up as soon as they clear security. But if you find yourself with more time than you had anticipated, why not search out a café, bar or restaurant where you can sit down, relax and take some time over a meal. You might even discover some new cuisines you haven’t sampled before! You’ll generally find that the eat-in areas of airport bars and restaurants are also far less chaotic than waiting around by the gate with other passengers.


Catch up on work

Granted, this might not be the most thrilling way to spend your time at the airport, but whilst you have time to spare with few other options this can be a perfect opportunity to catch up so that you can relax once you finally arrive at your destination. Try working on something simple that doesn’t require consultation with a lot of different documents, such as replying to emails. That way, you can dip in and out as needed and focus on small tasks that are easier to concentrate on for a short time.


Watch a movie

With so many portable devices now offering excellent storage and decent streaming quality through Wi-Fi connectivity it is easier than ever to take some time out to relax with a movie at the airport. It may be best to download some options beforehand if you can though, that way you don’t have to worry about any data limits restricting your enjoyment.


Upgrade to a lounge

If you’re not already a frequent flyer with airline lounge access, why not find out if you can upgrade? If you are experiencing a long delay you’ll be able to while away the hours in comfort, away from the hustle and bustle of the main concourse. You will usually pay a yearly membership fee for access to lounges, but some offer a one-off payment option which may suit you better if you don’t travel very frequently but still want to enjoy the amenities on offer.


Video chat

You could also use your time at the airport for a video chat or phone call with your friends and family. When you are busy with work it can be difficult to switch off and reconnect with the people that matter most to you, so why not utilize that unanticipated bit of free time to get in touch and catch up on all their news.

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Business trips can also mean flight delays or long layovers and unexpected extra time to kill at the airport. We recommend the blog post published by our Chicago limo service friends at Executive. The article details the best five ways to spend time at the airport to make the most of your trip.

Posted on Oct 17th 2017

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