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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive on an Airplane

Entrepreneurship is the fuel that is keeping the American economy running at full pace. The country is packed with brilliant men and women that are constantly working to build their businesses. Entrepreneurs live a fast-paced lifestyle and they are constantly traveling to help develop their skills and their business. Unfortunately, business travel can interrupt your work. It can feel impossible to build your business when you are constantly on the go. If you find yourself flying on a regular basis, then you should follow these five tips to stay productive throughout your flight.


  1. Be prepared

Working while flying seems impossible, but if you plan ahead, then you can maximize your time in the air. When you get on the plan you should have everything you need to work on the plan. Have a fully charged laptop and every document you need while in the air. If you have everything you need, then you should be able to work throughout your flight.


  1. Stay focused

There are many distractions on a flight. The flight attendants are coming down the aisles with snacks and drinks, and you may want to look out the window. It is tempting to give into the distraction, but if you stay focused on the task at hand, then you can make a great deal of progress. Force yourself to get focused, and eventually, all the distractions will float away.


  1. Use the detachment to your advantage

Are there any tasks that are impossible to accomplish at your home office? Perhaps you have a long paper to write, a client list to organize, or even a book to read. Your normal office is barraged with phone calls and other tasks. While you are on the plane, you have a golden opportunity to focus on one task for hours. Before you get on the plane, grab a task that needs hours of focus. While you are in the air, you will get hours of work done, and you will feel very accomplished.


  1. Focus on the right tasks

If you are waiting for your plane to arrive or trying to get through the airport, then you should not focus on intense tasks. You will be distracted during this time period, and will not get much work done. Instead, focus on checking e-mail while waiting for your flight, and save the major tasks for while you are in the air. By focusing on the right tasks, you ensure that you maximize your efficiency.


  1. Know how you are getting to your destination

When your plane lands, you probably will not be at your final destination. You need a car or a bus ride to get to your home or hotel. One great option is taking a limo to your hotel. When you land in New York, you don't want to Google "limo service New York". You need to find a quality Westchester car service before you land, so you can stay focused throughout your ride to the hotel. Get a great limo service, and you will get more accomplished.

Posted on Feb 7th 2017

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