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5 Travel Trends You Should Know for 2019

As we enter the new year, many travelers are gearing up for 365 days of fresh, new adventures. 2019 is bringing about new trends that are changing the face of travel as we know it. From eco-friendly excursions to micro-trips that boost the local economy and your mood, travel is becoming less stressful and more of a learning experience or an opportunity for self-care. Travel in 2019 is all about automation, relaxation, and taking a look at global issues. As you plan your travels for next year, check out these trends that will add value and ease to your experiences.

1. Automation Is In

From keyless rooms to virtual reality, 2019 is the year where electronic conveniences will begin to change how we travel. Many travel enthusiasts are embracing the idea of new technologies that will make travel less of a hassle. Being able to track your luggage in real time and have all your bookings handled within one app will streamline travel into a stress-free experience.

2. Traveling for Work Experience

"Wwofing" is a trend popular among younger travelers. Many travelers are signing up for work experience opportunities via the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) organization. These opportunities cater to travelers who want to gain hands-on work while being provided with food and accommodation are taking advantage of this new way of traveling. These jobs allow you to work with people of many cultural and ethnic backgrounds, allowing you to make connections and build your resume while enjoying a new place.

3. Eco-Friendly Travel

Sustainable experiences are all the rage in 2019. Many Gen-Z travelers are turning towards low-waste lifestyles, and their travels are no exception. As people demand more eco-friendly experiences, businesses in the travel industry are accommodating these requests. Many travelers are willing to spend more on foods, accommodations, and experiences that are less wasteful.

4. Micro-Trips

Micro-trips are great because they allow you to experience a semi-local destination while splurging on luxury and self-care. New York offers a world of opportunities to get away for the weekend. Upstate New York is home to some of the nicest boutique hotels that will make you feel like royalty for a few days. Pleasure seekers come from near and far to experience a few days in the Empire State. Our New York car service can help you get to and from the airport in style, adding an extra touch of luxury to your travel experience, while our Westchester car service can help you get from your hotel to your experiences stress-free.

5. Safety First

Travelers care about their personal safety and the well-being of the people that live in the place they want to travel to. Women and LGBT are choosing destinations that will be safe and receptive to their lifestyle. Solo travel among women is becoming increasingly popular, as is conscious travel. People don't want to travel to a place if they feel it will negatively impact the natives. Human rights play a big role in travel choices in 2019.

Our luxury car services will get you around your destination safely and hassle-free. Pamper yourself and take a ride in the luxury care of our experienced chauffeurs as you experience new places this new year.

Posted on Dec 21st 2018

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