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5 Travel Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

There are many gadgets on the market offering to save you time, space, and money when it comes to travel, but which are really worth the investment? We put together a few of our top picks for 2018 that may not think you need, but once you put them to the test you’ll wonder how you left home without them!

  • Ergonomic travel pillow

Although you may usually pass out on your flight from pure exhaustion, your current travel pillow is probably not providing you with the right support and comfort. Most standard pillows leave your neck in an unnatural position when you sleep which could cause all sorts of back and neck problems down the line – try one of the new ergonomic travel pillows such as the Travelrest or BCOZZY chin-supporting pillow which encourage your head to rest in a more comfortable and stable position when sleeping whilst seated.

  • Shirt transporter

If you know you will be going straight to an important meeting or special event when you arrive at your destination use a shirt transporter such as the Shirt Shuttle in your suitcase. The special design will keep your shirt crisp and crease-free so you can put it straight on in case you don’t have time to iron before you head out.

  • Backpack that charges your tech

These are a great addition to any traveller’s luggage, particularly if you are travelling for business and need constant access to fully charged devices during your trip. Smart backpacks have inbuilt USB chargers that keep your tech powered whilst you are on the go. Check for anti-theft features such as hidden zips and invisible pockets so that you can be confident that your devices stay safe.

  • Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

While it is usually possible to connect to some form of Wi-Fi network wherever you travel, frequent users will know that this can be hit or miss with public networks often operating at cumbersome speeds due to high volume of traffic and limiting data quotas. Try using a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot instead which will allow you to connect multiple devices using a 4G signal. These can often be a much faster, reliable, and more practical option, especially if you travel often – just watch out that you get the right hotspot to suit your needs. Prices can add up quickly if you plan on downloading large amounts of data or need to use a streaming service.

  • Collapsible water bottle

Not high-tech, but just as ingenious, the collapsible water bottles from brands such as que or HydAway are great for saving space in your carry-on luggage when you travel. Just squish the specially designed bottle down to go through security checks and refill on the other side. Once you’re done, collapse it down again so it can be transported more easily before your next refill. As well as being a space-saver, reusing the bottle is a great way to help reduce the waste involved with buying numerous plastic bottles and throwing them away after each use.

You’ve got all the must-have accessories, but what about when you get to your destination? Make sure you book our Westchester car service for unrivalled comfort and service for your onward travel, and relax in one of our luxury vehicles knowing you and your latest travel essentials are safely protected.


Posted on Jan 9th 2018

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