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5 Airport Hacks to Make Your Life as a Traveler Easier

Our Majestic Transportation service can provide a safe and comfortable NYC airport shuttle to get you to your flight. But what about after you arrive at the airport? We can offer some tips and tricks for making your flight and airport experience smoother and more stress-free. Running late for a flight is not something you want to do. Here are some of the best airport hacks that can benefit every traveler.


  1. Have your boarding pass and license ready.

As soon as you enter the line, you should have all documents in hand, so that time is not spent searching for a driver's license at the bottom of a purse amid pencils, tissues and other assorted items. Put them in a passport holder or ID holder; that way they will be easily accessed and will be ready for use.


  1. Check out the line you enter.

If your line has a bunch of families and kids or a tour of seniors, get ready for it to move more slowly. Find the line with the business people who know how to pack and travel. Twelve business people in a line will move quicker than two families with a carriage and assorted bags. Another tip: the far left or far right scanner lines get fewer people and thus move more quickly.


  1. Get ready to take off your shoes.

Wear shoes with socks, rather than sandals, since you have to dress back for the flight. It is more hygienic as well as will make you more comfortable when you board a plane that is filled with frigid air. Those traveling to a colder climate will be glad that they are prepared as they arrive at their airport destination.


You will want to avoid shoes with laces, if possible. Shoes that slip on and off easily are your best bet. Ballet flats for women or loafers for men work well and can be taken on and off quickly.


  1. Be ready to unpack.

Since all gels and liquids must be 3oz or smaller, fill clear plastic bottles with your favorite liquids, such as shampoos, from home and carry in a clear plastic bag. Label the bottles so you know what is in each. Put the clear plastic bag in the front of your carry-on or bag for the day. As you go through security, you can remove the plastic bag and place it in the bin and let it move through.


  1. Apply for TSA Precheck before your flight.

Skip the queue and avoid the long lines by signing up beforehand and paying $85. If you travel often or just want to avoid stress at the airport, become a Precheck member. According to what they've written on the website, members can expect to wait five minutes or less in the security line.


Our Majestic Transportation New York car service can get you to the airport easily and quickly. When you arrive there, you'll be more prepared and ready to fly, knowing these hacks.

Posted on Oct 9th 2018

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