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4 Ways to help keep your guests safe this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most joyous times of the year: friends and family gather together to enjoy delicious foods, Thanksgiving football games, and one another’s company. Whether you have guests coming from near or far, you always want your guests to enjoy themselves and to feel safe throughout their time in your home.

Unfortunately, there are some natural pitfalls that come with the most indulgent day of the year: Thanksgiving is among the most dangerous holidays to be on the road. Between 2001 and 2006, the United States averaged over 500 road fatalities during Thanksgiving, many of which were attributed to fatigued or inebriated drivers trying to get home after family festivities.

We know that it’s important to you to keep your family and friends safe as they file into and out of your home this year on Thanksgiving; here are four easy ways to help ensure that everyone is taken care of.

Book Car Service to get everyone home

If you have family coming in from a short drive away, and you know they’d like to go home after the Thanksgiving festivities, providing chauffeured transportation for them at the end of the day is a great way to ensure safety.

Chauffeured car service is a comfortable, luxurious way to travel during the holidays, and for your family members who may have indulged a little too deeply in the Thanksgiving spirits, they’ll be thankful to have an attentive, professional chauffeur behind the wheel to make sure they get home safely.

Majestic Transportation provides superior car service and a variety of vehicles, to ensure that your friends and family have the comfort and security they need during their Thanksgiving ride home.

Choose our Airport Car Service

We’ll check on your flight status for you, and anticipate travel problems such as traffic before they happen. Our goal is to make your trip to or from the airport as pleasant, comfortable and stress-free as possible. With spacious, reliable and comfortable vehicles — and experienced and courteous chauffeurs — all you have to do is relax.

Be vigilant when the food is in the oven

With friends and family crowded in, tons to catch up on, and kids running around, it’s easy to get distracted when there is a huge Thanksgiving meal cooking.

But forgetting about the stove or foods items on your cooktop can lead to devastating fire hazards, loss of property and even death.

If you know you’re the forgetful kind, be vigilant about setting timers to check on the food throughout the meal prep. Keep kids out of the kitchen, as they might tamper with the oven or stove.

You should also be careful to clear the kitchen floor of objects or obstacles so that you can get to the food quickly and easily and there’s no risk of tripping or falling.

With so many people in your home, it’s important to be extra careful.

Check your smoke detectors

With all the commotion in your home, you might forget to check your smoke detectors for batteries and functionality before you get started cooking.

A quick sweep of each detector in your house, especially those in the dining room and kitchen, will give you peace of mind as your guests make their way into your home.

Unplug unnecessary appliances

This tip will help you save money and minimize the possibility of damage or fire to your appliances.

Especially in rooms with high traffic, unplugging and removing unnecessary appliances can help streamline your space, reduce your energy bill, and remove hazardous objects for any children in the vicinity.

Majestic Car and Limo hopes you and yours have a warm, enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving holiday this year, surrounded by family and friends.

We are happy to provide top-notch chauffeured car service on the big day, to ensure that your family members and friends get back to their homes safely and easily.

Book you chauffeured transportation now.

Posted on Nov 8th 2016

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