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4 Essential Travel Gadgets for 2019

Traveling nowadays demands a lot of gadgets, not for the sake of it, but because they are actually essential to our comfort, convenience, and security. Our NYC ground transportation service, being the travel enthusiasts that we are, has come with a list of some of the most useful gadgets for all your 2019 travels and we hope that this goes a long way in making your experiences much more convenient.

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Now, let’s have a look at some of the most essential gadgets for all your travels this year.



There has been a surge of smart luggage and suitcases in the market lately and, yes, we didn’t believe it at first because it all sound so futuristic, but they actually exist. For added security and convenience on your luggage, you may want to consider purchasing robotic suitcases, anti-theft backpacks, moto bags, and many more smart-luggage options in the market.


Language Translator

This is one of those gadgets we don’t really think we need, but it is absolutely invaluable for when we find ourselves in foreign land. Language translators now have an accuracy of over 90% and the best thing about these translators is that they translate both languages. So, if you find yourself in France and the only word you know is ‘we’, you can easily communicate with a person on the street when you’re lost and need directions.


Compact Portable Charger

There are numerous portable charger brands out there and when they first hit the market, they were typically bulky and took up a lot of space in your bags. Today, however, there are equally numerous ultra-compact models that have multiple charging ports and that snuggly fit in your backpack, keeping your devices juiced up at all times.


Bluetooth Speaker

We all love music. In the past, you had to plug your device on the AUX cord in the vehicle when you are on a road trip, or simply listen to the radio. These days, however, no matter how remote the location you are visiting is, you can always have the pleasure of playing some music through a rechargeable, portable Bluetooth speaker. A high quality Bluetooth speaker will preserve charge for over 12 hours, so even if you are going out for overnight camping you are guaranteed some tunes to keep you entertained.

Posted on Jan 15th 2019

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