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3 Inspiring reads for Business Travelers

Running your business can be very rewarding, but there is no secret that it also comes with a big set of challenges. Whether you are an experienced businessman or just starting out on your own business, the value of expert advice is enormous. If you travel for business a lot, you can spend the time on the road reading some valuable business-related books. The beginning of the year is the best time to make a list of books you want to read, and we have created a list especially for you. Here are our top picks of inspiring titles you should read. And if you don’t have plenty of room in your luggage for the hard copies of books, remember that you can always use an electronic device to read them.

Tools of Titans – Tim Ferris

From the author of the revolutionary The 4-Hour Workweek comes a wonderful book that contains the tools, the tactics and some business inside tips you won’t find anywhere else. The author interviews top performers from a variety of industries to find out what are their tools for success, and what they do to achieve success. Tim Ferris has himself applied these tactics to his own life, and he hopes that you will improve your life and your business, too.

Grit – Angela Duckworth

Angela Duckworth is a well-known psychologist and Grit is a great book for all those who want to improve their lives and business as well. The author has been consulted by the White House representatives on her expertise. In her book, she offers a complex explanation of what it really means to have ‘grit’ and the reason why passion and perseverance are the keys to success in business and life.

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

Everybody wants to think fast, have new and sparkling ideas meant to improve their business. This fascinating book has been a New York Times bestseller ever since its publication in 2011, and there is no wonder why. If this title is on your list, rest assured that it will challenge the way you think about, well, thinking. This book about behavioral-psychology and decision-making will give you an insight into how people think and make decisions. The author uses research from psychologists and economists to support his explanations for why we act the way we do and how we make our choices.

Books are these trustworthy and affordable sources of information that can help us improve our overall lives. When traveling, give yourself some time and space to relax and enjoy these inspirational books. To experience a truly stress-free journey, book our Westchester car service for your future business trips. Our professional, experienced chauffeurs will transport you straight to your destination in luxury, comfort, and style, offering you the opportunity to focus on new ideas for your life and business. With our New York car service, you will always experience the best transportation whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.

Posted on Jan 29th 2019

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