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3 Cozy and Romantic Weekend Getaways Around New York

There's something magical about New York City. Between the endless lights, the skyscrapers, it almost seems like no matter how long you wander there, you may never see everything. It can be romantic to fall into the rhythm of the hustle and bustle of this city. You and your love can wander for hours, getting lost in the depth and vastness of New York. However, if you and your sweetheart are full-time New York city residents, all that hustle and bustle can start to be deafening. It may have long lost its charm and you feel long overdue for a break. If you love New York but just need a romantic weekend getaway from the city, check out these cozy spots around the empire state.

1. Glenmere Mansion, Hudson Valley

This Tuscan villa was originally built in 1911. It has been through meticulous restoration to return it's 35 rooms to their original glory. Just a short two-hour drive from the city, its location in the Hudson Valley makes this hotel seem worlds apart from busy city life. You will be warmly welcomed at the estate with cocktails, a roaring fire, and cookies. The landscape views are a stark contrast to your normal concrete jungle. Relax your worries away in a claw-footed tub before a scrumptious dinner.

2. Rivertown Lodge, Hudson, NY

This 27-roomer is a little slice of Brooklyn. Located on historic Warren Street, the Rivertown lodge gets its inspiration from a Brooklyn design firm. It was first a movie theater in the 1920s and still bears resemblance on the outside. The inside speaks to a minimalistic style with an overall sense of elegance. Everything from the bath products to the bed sheets, even the art, and furniture are all locally made. With plenty of places to eat and shop nearby, the Rivertown Lodge is a nice break from the city, while still retaining the high-end luxury that New Yorkers expect.

When traveling between the lodge and the exquisite local restaurants, a New York limo rental can get you and your love there in style. NYC ground transportation can be rough. A comfortable, luxury ride in a limo is a breath of fresh air compared to a usual cab.

3. Castle Hill Inn, Rhode Island

Newport is a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Rhode Island. It's a little farther than the other two destinations, but it's a drive well worth taking for the Castle Hill Inn. if you are looking for an ocean escape, this New England inn is situated in a charming seaside town. The layout includes a lighthouse guestroom, beach cottages, and 33 elegant rooms. Enjoy a relaxing massage and a tasty dinner at one of the hotel restaurants before falling asleep to the calming sound of waves crashing. This retreat also offers local skincare products made by Farmaesthetics.

Our luxurious Westchester limo services can get you and your loved one to and from your destinations safely and stress-free. For a comfortable ride in style, our chauffeurs have you covered.

Posted on Jan 3rd 2019

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