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12 Fantastic Outdoor Sport Suggestions to Get the Most Out of Summer

Unless you’re a fan of staying indoors, you’ll most likely be itching to stretch your legs outdoors once summer hits. It’s a great time for summer sports, and even if you’re not really into physical activities, it’s definitely one way to enjoy the outdoors and just be active. There are more options than you can possibly finish exploring and it usually boils down to your preferences. Most of all though, don’t you agree that outdoor sports are just a whole lot more enjoyable when the weather is warmer?

Water Sports

Water sports are a great way to beat the summer heat, and with tons of options to choose from, you’ll probably wish you had more time to enjoy it all. Of course, the beach is a popular summer destination for most people, but there’s also lakes, rivers and other bodies of water that make for an ideal spot for our water sport suggestions below:


You don’t be into competitive swimming to enjoy a brisk backstroke or breaststroke. The main appeal of summer is, of course, the perfect weather condition outdoors, so it’s time to leave that indoor swimming pool behind and plunge into the best that nature has to offer.

Suggestion: Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach


Been looking forward to hitting the waves for a while? Well, now’s your chance to let loose and show off your surfing skills. If you’re a beginner though, you’ll need to take note that wiping out might be the major scene of your day, but don’t give up and continue giving it your all.

Suggestion: Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk, Lido Beach, Lincoln Boulevard, National Boulevard


Now here’s a sport that’s similar to sailing but a lot more affordable and easier to pick up. About all you’ll need is a good wind and enough experience to enjoy your time out on the water.  

Suggestion: Rockaway Beach, Belmar


For those seeking a calmer water sport option, kayaking is a great one to go for. After all, the level of experience and skill required very much depends on the body of water you’re on, so beginners can always begin with still or slower-running water first. 

Suggestion: South Beach, Grass River, Kunjamuk River, Black River Canyon

Land Sports

Although there are different seasons for different land sports, summer holds the top spot for being a crowd favorite when it comes to outdoor activities. In fact, it’s easy to just name ten types of sports in just a few seconds, and you can probably go on a lot longer after that. We’ve listed down our outdoor summer favorites just down below, so just take a look:


Ever watched a professional game of baseball live? Well, if you have, you’ll probably understand what all the fuss is about every season. There are always baseball diamonds available for everyone to play on, so just round up some friends and start having lots of fun.

Suggestion: Manhattan Beach, John V. Lindsay East River Park, The Great Lawn, Van Cortlandt Park


This fast-paced team sport is an Olympic entree, and it’s a guaranteed fun game (once you get the hang of it). Just round up some interested friends or strangers, divide up into two teams and get ready to unleash that inner competitive spirit! 

Suggestion: Orchard Beach, Midland Beach, Manhattan Beach, John Jay Park


The idea of kicking a ball around doesn’t have to be limited to indoor locations. After all, the warmth of summer invites everyone outside, so take this opportunity to show off your sweet moves on the field. 

Suggestion: Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Pier 40 at Hudson River Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park- Pier 5 


What’s a good way to enjoy the summer outdoors? Taking your bike out for a ride. Not only do you get to cover a lot of ground in a short span of time, it’s also a great workout for your legs.

Suggestion: Central Park Full Loop, Roosevelt Island Greenway, Governors Island

Frisbee Golf

If you’re still searching for a sport that doesn’t require fast reflexes or great stamina, frisbee golf is something you should try out. In fact, more and more parks are building frisbee golf courses, so just bring along a couple of frisbees to start enjoying yourself today. 

Suggestion: Wolf Hill Disc Golf Course, Heckscher Forest Disc Golf Course, Warwick Park Disc Golf Course

Rock Climbing

Not scared of heights or looking to conquer your fear of them? Well, this extreme sport might just be what you’re looking for then. Beginners should always start in a safer environment with man-made walls and expert supervision, but once you’re confident enough, you can set your eyes on nature’s wonders.  

Suggestion: Dumbo Boulders, The Shawangunks, Peterskill

Beach Volleyball

Ready to spike some balls this summer? Well, if you’re a fan of summer’s most popular sport, you’re probably already geared up for the next game. Not only is it a fun team game that’s easy to pick up, it’s also a great way for everyone to enjoy the sun and sand with lots of action. 

Suggestion: Orchard Beach, Pier 25 at Hudson River Park, Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk


If you’re not entirely into sports that use up large amounts of energy with bursts of agility, golf is probably more your speed this summer. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to go out straight away and invest in a set of golf clubs. Just hit the driving range first and get a couple of shots out to see if it’s something you’ll enjoy doing. 

Suggestion: The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers, Douglaston Golf Course, Kissena Park Golf Course

Summer is hands down the best season to be outdoors with the least minimum amount of fuss coupled with the maximum amount of outdoor sports opportunities. There’s always plenty to explore and enjoy, and popular spots fill up quickly with tons of excited people. To really enjoy all that summer has to offer, you’ll want to leave the headache of driving through heavy traffic and wasting time looking for parking to our reliable New York car service. We’ll love to have you on board with us, so why don’t you just give us a call or book our Westchester car service online today?

Posted on Jun 25th 2019

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