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10 Winter Travel Tips for Flights

The winter holidays can be an exciting time to gather with family and friends. But the bad weather can also wreak havoc with travel plans, particularly if you have to fly somewhere. Here are 10 tips for minimizing problems when you fly in the winter.


  1. Book as far ahead as possible whether for flights or our car service to the airport. You’ll encounter more choices and cheaper prices. If you wait until the last minute, you may not find any availability at all.


  1. Take a direct flight. If you have to connect through one or more cities, you risk delays every time you reach another airport. And every delay increases the chance that you’ll miss your connecting flight and spend more time at the airport than you want to.


  1. If you must take a connecting flight, be careful of your connecting times. First of all, make sure that you can go from one gate to the next quickly enough to make your connection. Secondly, build in an hour or two or more to account for potential delays.


  1. Pick a connecting airport that is located in the south where winters are mild or non-existent. If you’re connecting through Chicago or Detroit, odds are you’ll experience whether issues. On the other hand, flights through Atlanta or Houston will typically encounter only fair weather.


  1. Choose a morning flight. You’re less likely to be affected by scheduling issues if you’re the first flight of the day. If your flight is somehow delayed or canceled, you have alternative flights you can take later in the day.


  1. Fly during off-peak times and days such as outside of holiday weekends or during Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for domestic flights. Not only are airplanes less crowded but you’ll find lower prices as well.


  1. Use your coats as luggage. With the cost of check-in luggage going ever higher, you may want to carry on all your belongings. Pack any extras like socks, underwear, small gifts, jewelry, makeup, scarves, and other small items in the pockets of the coat that you’re wearing.


  1. Do not wrap any holiday gifts that you’re taking with you. For security reasons, TSA may have to rip open your packages, even if they’re packed in checked luggage. Wrap your gifts at your destination or ship them there ahead of time.


  1. Take our car service. You can relax on your way to the airport, avoid dealing with traffic, and not have to worry about parking as you’re dropped off directly at your check-in area.


  1. Stay informed. Rely on your smartphone to keep track of the weather and flight news at both your departure and arrival cities.


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Posted on Oct 23rd 2018

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